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Medical fitness to drive

When you apply for or renew your driver's licence in South Australia, you are asked to declare whether you are taking medication, or have a medical condition, that affects your ability to drive

Based on this information you may need to undergo a medical examination to confirm your fitness to hold a driver's licence.

Reporting medical conditions

All drivers are also required by law to report any medical condition that could affect their ability to drive safely. This must be done at the time the condition occurs, not just when renewing your licence.

Health practitioners are also required to report if a patient is diagnosed with a medical condition that may affect their ability to drive.

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has a duty under the law to ensure that the holder of a driver's licence, or a particular class of licence, is medically fit to drive a motor vehicle with safety. While the responsibility for the issue or retention of a driver's licence rests with the registrar, the registrar relies heavily on the advice provided by health professionals.

Assessing fitness to drive

When assessing a person's medical fitness to hold a driver's licence, the health professional is required to examine the person in accordance with the standards contained in the National Transport Commission national guidelines Assessing fitness to drive - commercial and private vehicle drivers October 2016.

The guidelines were developed in consultation with key groups, including doctors, specialists and other health professionals and have been adopted for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities in all states and territories of Australia and in New Zealand.

The registrar must use the standards contained in the guidelines when assessing a licence holder's fitness to hold a driver's licence.

If, at any stage, you need to report a medical condition please contact Service SA on 13 10 84 for more information.

Medical assessments

You will be sent a certificate of fitness in the mail and asked to visit a medical practitioner for a medical assessment if one of these apply:

  • you have a medical condition recorded against your driver’s licence that is subject to a periodic review
  • you are aged 70 or older and hold a licence for a class of vehicle other than a car - eg heavy vehicle or motorbike.

Self assessment

You will be sent a self assessment annually in the mail to complete from the age of 75 years if you hold a class 'C' (car) licence only and you do not have a medical condition.

The self assessment enables drivers to self assess their fitness to drive. It is designed to be completed independently, however if you answer yes or are unsure of any of the questions you will need to visit a doctor to complete the assessment. The self assessment will be sent to you around the time of your birth date and is designed to help you to think about your health and how it may affect your ability to drive safely.

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