Mooring to government-owned jetties or wharves

Before mooring to a jetty or wharf you need to contact the owner for permission.

State government owned jetties and wharves

Phone 1800 018 313 to apply for permission to moor at jetties and wharves owned by the state government.

You can't stay longer than four hours a day at a state government-owned wharf unless there is a sign indicating otherwise or you are directed by an authorised person. Prosecution may result in a fine of up to $1250.

List of state government jetties and wharves

  • American River wharf
  • American River landing platform (Harts jetty)
  • Adelaide Shores pontoons and timber wharf
  • Beachport jetty and seawall
  • Brighton jetty
  • Cape Jaffa jetty
  • Cape Jervis jetty
  • Coffin Bay jetty
  • Enigma wharf
  • Fowlers Bay jetty
  • Franklin Harbor jetty
  • Grange jetty
  • Granite Island causeway
  • Granite Island Screwpile jetty
  • Henley jetty
  • Kingscote Fishermen's jetty
  • Kingscote Main jetty
  • Kingscote Mooring jetty
  • Kingscote Old Screwpile jetty
  • Largs Bay jetty
  • Moonta Bay jetty
  • North Arm Fisherman's wharf
  • North Arm jetty
  • Outer Harbor fishing platform
  • Penneshaw jetty
  • Port Broughton jetty
  • Port Kenny jetty
  • Port Lincoln No. 1 berth
  • Port MacDonnell jetty
  • Port Wakefield wharf
  • New Rapid Bay jetty
  • Rosetta Head wharf
  • Semaphore jetty
  • Southend jetty
  • Streaky Bay jetty
  • Venus Bay jetty
  • Vivonne Bay jetty
  • Wallaroo Spur jetty

Council managed jetties and wharves

Contact the individual council for permission to moor at jetties and wharves under their management.

Find local councils

List of council managed jetties and wharves

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