Register for public and community housing


You and anyone on your Registration of Interest form must:

  • live in South Australia
  • not own or part-own a home
  • meet the income and asset eligibility limits or
  • have a need that cannot be met by private rental accommodation.

To be eligible for Aboriginal housing you must also confirm you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Additional criteria may also apply if you are registering interest in community housing.

You can ask for special circumstances  to be taken into consideration if you don't meet the criteria. This will require a Housing Needs Assessment to be undertaken. 

You are not eligible for public housing if you have previously been excluded from public housing due to disruptive behaviour. 

If you have a debt with Housing SA, you must make an arrangement to repay it and keep the arrangement before you can be offered public housing.

Before you start

If you have special circumstances  to be taken into consideration, include evidence of this.

Multiple household groups

If your household has more than one household group - eg couple with a child and an elderly parent who is financially independent, both households must meet the basic eligibility criteria or have needs or special circumstances.

How to register interest in both public and community housing

Housing SA will become your primary contact organisation for all enquiries relating to your registration.

You can choose to register for just public housing or both public and community housing at the same time. This does not include registering your interest in volunteer member-tenant managed organisations (Housing Co-operatives) That process is outlined below.

If you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, you can choose to register for general public housing or the Aboriginal rental housing program.

To register:

  1. Identify the areas you would like to live in.
  2. Complete the public and community housing registration of interest form 221.5 KB.
  3. Return your signed form and supporting documents to any Housing SA office or by post. 

How to register interest in community housing only

If you are registering interest in community housing only, you can identify your preferred community housing provider. They will become your primary contact organisation for all enquiries relating to your registration. Once registered with your primary contact organisation other community housing providers with houses in areas you have identified may also contact you.

To register:

  1. Contact your preferred community housing provider to discuss your needs and to get help completing a registration of interest form. 
  2. Return your signed form and supporting documents to the community housing provider.

Register interest with a volunteer member-tenant managed provider

Volunteer member-tenant managed providers are sometimes called housing cooperatives. 

Registrations of interest forms for volunteer member-tenant managed providers are only available at public information sessions. 

Information about volunteer member-tenant managed providers and what is expected of tenants is given at the information sessions.

As well as meeting other eligibility requirements, members must take an active role in tenancy, property and financial management.

Email the Community Housing Council of South Australia or phone on 8362 1022 to book a place at a free public information session.  

To register:

  • Identify the provider you think is right for you
  • Attend a public information session
  • Complete the registration of interest form
  • Post the completed form and supporting documents to Housing SA .

What happens next

Your registration will be assessed. You may be asked to an interview to assess your need.

You will receive a letter telling you if your registration has been accepted or not.

Households with highest needs are offered housing ahead of other households.

You may not be offered a place to live if you have a moderate or lower housing need. You may want to consider other types of housing assistance available to you in that case.

You can find more information about other housing on the Housing Services Finder.

Managing your registration

Properties only become available when the current tenants move out. It’s not possible to predict

  • when this will happen
  • what house types are available
  • the area the house is located

Updating your details or cancelling your registration

It’s important that you let your primary contact organisation know if your personal or household circumstances change or you want to change or cancel your registration.

Your primary contact organisation is the organisation you registered with – either Housing SA or a community housing provider.

For public and community housing registrations, complete a change of circumstances form 145.8 KB if:

  • your address or other contact details change
  • you have legally changed your name
  • you want to remove someone from, or add someone to your household
  • there are changes to your income
  • you want to change the type of housing or the area you have nominated
  • you want to cancel a housing registration.

Lodge the form, along with any supporting documents, to your primary contact organisation.

If you are removed from someone else's registration

If you are removed from someone else's registration - eg due to separation - you can register under your own name and ask for consideration of the time your name was listed on the other registration. Discuss your situation with your primary contact organisation.

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