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Place names search

Place Names Online was a simple search tool for obtaining information from the State Gazetteer. This has now been replaced by a function within the Property Location Browser.

Place names information from the State Gazetteer and boundaries of suburbs and rural localities can be located via maps and reports in the Property Location Browser.

To access State Gazetteer information from the Property Location Browser follow these steps:

  1. open Property Location Browser
  2. click OK on the ‘Getting started with PLB 3.0’ pop-up
  3. select the ‘Layers’ button located near the top left corner of your screen
  4. from the list of layer groups click on ‘Place names’ then check the box next to ‘Place names (Gazetteer)' to display the place names layer in the map
  5. to locate a place name on the map, select the ‘Find’ button located near the top left corner of your screen
  6. from the ‘Find’ menu click on ‘Place Names’ and enter ‘Place name’ or ‘Place name code’, then click the ‘View results’ button. The map will zoom to the location of the Place Name.
  7. to print a placename report (PDF or HTML), select a row from the ‘Place names’ report table at the bottom of your screen then click the ‘Print’ icon above the table
  8. from the ‘Print placename report’ pop-up select your desired output (PDF or HTML) and map scale, then click the ‘Print’ button in the pop-up.

For more information contact the Office of the Surveyor-General (OSG)

The State Gazetteer

The State Gazetteer is a database of place names in South Australia. It records any place name that is or has been, used in South Australia. The gazetteer provides an accurate and definitive list of place names for:

  • mapping purposes
  • emergency services
  • general enquiries.

Road names are not recorded in the State Gazetteer.

Each place name is associated with up to 38 fields of information relating to:

  • feature type
  • classification
  • location
  • derivation
  • cross-reference to current, previous and alternative names.

Download the State Gazetteer

The State Gazetteer is free to download from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure data download portal. The data is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 licence in accordance with the AusGOAL framework. You should familiarise yourself with the license conditions before downloading.

Suburbs and rural localities list

The suburbs list is an updated list of South Australia's official suburbs and rural localities. If the name is not on this list then it's not official and shouldn't be used - eg Blackwood Park is officially Craigburn Farm so Blackwood Park should not be used. Blackwood Park is an estate name only and not an official address

Contact the Office of the Surveyor-General (OSG) if you:

  • need more information about Place Names
  • have information to add to the State Gazetteer
  • have suggestions for improvements.

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For an alternative version of a document on this page contact the Office of the Surveyor-General (OSG).

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