Community Housing Master Agreement

The Master Agreement is the core funding agreement between the South Australian Housing Trust and all community housing providers registered under the National Regulatory System (NRS). The agreement applies to properties and tenancies where a registered community housing provider holds the title to a property.

This agreement brings together all pre-existing agreements to provide consistency between:

  • policies
  • reporting requirements
  • performance measures.

All registered community housing providers must enter into the Master Agreement and all new funding opportunities will be negotiated under this agreement.

Contract management

Each community housing provider has an account manager assigned as a key contact point.

Account management focuses on:

  • early engagement
  • building strong relationships
  • best outcomes for tenants.

Any identified reporting or performance issues will be dealt with through early consultation. Significant issues will be progressed to general performance management.

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) have been developed to measure a provider's performance against contracted obligations. They relate to:

  • housing the right people
  • providing fair and accountable tenancy services
  • managing project properties.

KPIs measure how community housing is providing accommodation that is affordable for people on very low to moderate incomes, prioritising vulnerable households needing support to maintain their tenancy. Benchmarks are set according to the business of the community housing provider.

Selected KPIs are monitored quarterly with performance results sent to the provider. A more comprehensive compliance and performance assessment will be done annually, with information from various sources including:

  • asset management planning information
  • summary maintenance plans
  • compliance reports and determinations from the Office of Housing Regulation
  • rent and eligibility audits
  • property condition audits
  • alignment with Disability Access and Inclusion policy audit
  • the AIHW Data Collection.

Core operating policies and procedures

The following are core operating policies and procedures regarding the operations of community housing contracted under the agreement (as per the Master Agreement Schedule 2, Part A, 1.1.6):


The Master Agreement sets out the reporting requirements. If you have questions about these please contact your account manager.

SAHT transfer properties

Visit Transfer of public housing properties to community housing providers for more information.

For policies which apply to community housing providers with properties under the BPSC leased or ROSAS transfer programs, see the ‘Guidelines’ link on the SAHT Transfers Project page.

Supportive and supported housing program

For those community housing providers with supported tenancy types outcomes as part of their Master Agreement obligations, the relevant Supported and Supportive Housing Program policies and guidelines are:

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