Reporting requirements for Master Agreement

When there are changes to office bearers or key staff within a community housing provider please notify your Account Manager or

The SA Housing Authority will assess compliance with contractual obligations, core operating policy and associated procedures using:

  • Templates linked below
  • Rent audits
  • Property reviews and audits
  • Annual self-certification for compliance
  • Asset Management Plan information provided by Tier 1 and 2s to Office of Housing Regulation (OHR)
  • Data from the Community Housing Customer Register, AIHW and Quarterly Data Returns.

The following table shows the due dates for reporting for community housing providers operating under the Master Agreement.

Report Due dateFrequency

Critical Client Incidents

CCI Report Template

As soon as reasonably possible after an event As required

Quarterly data return - templates are emailed directly to each community housing provider.

21st of July, October, January, April Quarterly
AIHW Data collection - templates are emailed directly to each community housing provider. 31 July Annually
Annual certificate of compliance form  (459.6 KB PDF)
Annual certificate of compliance form - Volunteer Member Tenant Managed providers  (556.3 KB PDF)
31 Oct Annually
Tier 1 and 2 – Evidence of Asset Management Planning - see notes below the Office of Housing Regulation compliance report / Final Determination


Tier 3 - Summary maintenance plan – see notes below 31 October Biennially

Evidence of asset management planning

Tier 1 and 2

Tier 1 and 2 community housing providers must demonstrate annually that they have:

  • asset management planning documents in place
  • a forecast and budget for the maintenance of all project properties.

Housing SA will accept the information provided by Tier 1 and 2 providers to the Office of Housing Regulation (OHR) as sufficient to show that the community housing provider is meeting the Asset Management KPI under the Master Agreement.

If OHR finds that a community housing provider as not meeting its performance criteria or there's some queries in its performance, then Housing SA will seek further information from OHR and the community housing provider to assess its Asset Management planning, which may include evidence of:

  • Budgeted expenditure per property for the previous financial year
  • Report on actual expenditure per property against budget
  • Budget forecast for next 10 years per program in all housing programs
  • Evidence that the budget has been accepted by Board/Finance Committees.

Tier 3 providers

As per the Master Agreement, Schedule 2 (section 3.7), Tier 3 community housing providers are required to provide a 5-year Summary Maintenance Plan every two years by 31 October or otherwise on request from Housing SA.

The first 5-year Summary Maintenance Plan under the Master Agreement will fall due in the financial year in which the Agreement is signed and every two years thereafter.

Providers must submit their plan as either 5 or 10 year summary maintenance plans.

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