Antisocial behaviour in public housing

If you believe that your safety or the safety of others is at risk, call the police on 131 444 (or 000 in an emergency).

Antisocial behaviour interferes with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours.

It can include:

  • threats and harassment
  • property damage
  • excessive noise.

Noise or activity associated with daily life, such as children playing, isn’t considered antisocial behaviour.

These issues can usually be resolved by talking to the neighbour or contacting a mediation service for help.

    Lodge a complaint

    You can make a complaint to Housing SA about a tenant’s behaviour using the secure online form.

    You can also contact Housing SA:

    What happens next

    Housing SA investigates the complaint to see if the tenant has broken the conditions of their lease agreement.

    In most cases, Housing SA contacts the tenant and the person who made the complaint to discuss the situation. Housing SA may also talk to:

    • other neighbours and witnesses
    • agencies like the police or support services.

    If the investigation finds the complaint is justified, Housing SA will either:

    • issue a verbal or formal warning
    • take steps to end the tenancy.

    If Housing SA ends the tenancy because of antisocial behaviour the tenant will be excluded from Housing SA’s services for 12 months.

    Appealing a decision

    Tenants may be able to appeal a decision if they don’t agree with how Housing SA has managed a complaint or made a decision.

    Responsibilities of public housing tenants

    Public housing tenants must:

    • respect the rights and privacy of their neighbours
    • make sure visitors to their home behave properly.

    They must not:

    • make excessive noise
    • damage the property or common areas
    • threaten or abuse others
    • use the property for illegal activity.


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