Primary contact organisations

The organisation that registration of interest is lodged with is the primary contact organisation, even if there are other organisations listed that the registrant is interested in.

The primary contact organisation is responsible for:

  • updating the registrant's information as required
  • referring ineligible customers to more appropriate options
  • managing enquiries
  • returning incomplete registration of interest forms to customers
  • sending a Community Housing Customer Register generated acknowledgement of registration letter, within seven days of receiving the registration of interest form
  • contacting and advising registrants if the primary contact organisation ceases to operate in its own right, for example, due to amalgamation.

Housing SA is the primary contact organisation for registrants who express an interest in both community and public housing.

If a registrant wishes to change their primary contact organisation they need to complete a change of circumstances form and return this to their current primary contact organisation.

Housing SA provides a registration service for smaller community housing providers including volunteer member-tenant managed providers.

Changes in a registrant's circumstances

A registrant must contact their primary contact organisation if there is a change in:

  • their name
  • address and contact details - these can be updated verbally
  • their support workers or agencies
  • household composition, income or assets
  • their household situation, for example, need for housing has escalated
  • the organisation they are interested in, areas or house types.

A registrant's address and telephone numbers can be updated verbally provided that the caller's identity has been established by asking them to confirm their:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • address and contact details
  • Centrelink number (if appropriate).

All other information must be provided in writing by the registrant to their primary contact organisation. A change of circumstances form (310.4 KB PDF) should be used as required.

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