Housing for Aboriginal people

Moving between home and services

If you are visiting metropolitan centres from across borders or a remote community, accessing medical services, for example, there are safe, secure and culturally appropriate transitional accommodation centres where you may be able to stay during your visit.

They can also help you access services, including:

  • Centrelink
  • medical support
  • counselling
  • rehabilitation for drugs, alcohol and gambling
  • domestic and family violence services.

Wangka Wilurrara transitional accommodation centre

The centre provides accommodation in Ceduna for up to three weeks. Contact Wangka Wilurrara for information about accommodation rates and availability.

Lakeview transitional accommodation centre

This centre provides accommodation in Port Augusta for up to 12 weeks.

The types of accommodation available at Lakeview include:

  • one-room units with double and single beds
  • one-bedroom units with kitchens (independent living units)
  • large and small wiltjas (tents).
Type of accommodation Rent per night Rent per week Rent per fortnight

Wiltja (tent)




Unit/ hut




Independent living unit




All child charges




Rent charges are per adult and costs cover two meals a day (breakfast and supper).

Aboriginal hostels

Aboriginal Hostels Limited provide culturally appropriate support and accommodation across Australia for people who have to live away from home to access services. They may be able to provide advice, information and referral to services in their area.

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