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Computer access and training

If you're interested in accessing computers or computer training in your area, try SACommunity, a directory of South Australian community services.

It includes information about government, non-government, community-based and some private sector organisations, and you can search by area, organisation, and type of service - eg 'computer access' or 'computer training'.

Technical help and equipment donations

The Digital Donation Program provides redundant government agency laptops and computers to eligible not-for-proft organisations.

Sustainable Online Community Engagement offers technical help to community organisations with limited online skills to develop websites and other online applications.

Not-for-profit organisations can access free or low-cost computers, software and training:

  • Technology donations and discounts - provides donated and discounted technology products and services to eligible income tax exempt (ITE) Australian not-for-profit groups.
  • Infoxchange - a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides community programs that focus on digital inclusion.
  • ITShare SA Inc - provides low-cost computer systems to low-income groups, individuals and communities.
  • WorkVentures Connect - provides ex-corporate and government computers to not-for-profit organisations around Australia.

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