Moving and connecting to gas and electricity

You must contact your energy retailers to close any accounts in your name when you move. You’ll need to tell the retailer:

  • the date you will be leaving the property
  • a forwarding address for the final bill.

You could be responsible for the next occupant’s energy use if you don’t finalise your account.

Your new address

Make sure you set up a new account when moving to a new property. If you don’t, you could:

  • be responsible for the previous occupier’s energy use
  • pay higher rates than if you had chosen a contract
  • be disconnected if the current retailer can’t contact you.

Use Energy Made Easy to search for and compare energy offers from gas and electricity retailers.

Visit Comparing retailers and contracts to help you understand what is involved when signing up with an energy retailer.

'Dear customer' letters

The last energy retailer will continue to supply the property you have moved into if the electricity and gas is already connected.

The existing retailer might send letters addressed to occupant, customer or resident. They could be bills or disconnection warnings so don’t ignore them. Contact the retailer to tell them when you moved into the property. You could enter a new contract them or sign up with a different retailer.

Unknown supplier

If electricity and gas are switched on at the property but you have no way to identify the retailer, set up an account with the retailer of your choice.

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