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Electricity, gas, phone and water outages

Know what to do to during an electricity, gas, internet, phone or water outage or emergency.


Is your power out?
Search for current outages on the SA Power Network website.

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Reporting major electricity incidents

For life-threatening situations where there is a risk of an electric shock:

  • call Triple Zero (000) and ask for police
  • phone SA Power Networks on 13 13 66.

Life-threatening situations include:

  • fallen, low hanging or damaged powerlines
  • vehicle collision with a stobie pole or powerline
  • experiencing shocks or tingles from household taps.

Reporting general electricity outages and faults

Before making a report:

If the outage hasn't been reported, report it online or phone SA Power Networks on 13 13 66.

Keeping safe

Powerline safety

Safety - SA Power Networks

Electrical installation risks and safety

Working safely near underground assets


Is your gas out?

  1. Check for current supply outages on the Australian Gas Networks website.
  2. Check your mailbox or front porch for a notification card from Australian Gas Networks or from  APA Group This card will tell you what's caused your outage and will provide you instructions on next steps.
  3. If you can't find a notification card, contact the Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220.

Reporting major gas incidents

For life-threatening situations (including gas leaks or explosions) in public places:

  • call Triple Zero (000) and ask for fire
  • phone Australian Gas Networks on 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532).

Reporting gas leaks

Keeping safe

Using gas safely

Phone and internet

Mobile phones

To be prepared for a major disaster make sure you have a:

  • charged mobile phone, with a portable power bank as an alternative
  • wind-up or battery-powered radio
  • cable which can charge your mobile phone from your car.

Making phone calls during a disaster

During an emergency, more people than usual are trying to use their phones. This can lead to network congestion. To help free up space on the network:

  • Only call Triple Zero (000) in life-threatening situations.
  • Do not call Triple Zero (000) for information.
  • Resist using your mobile phone to watch streaming videos, download music or videos or play online games.
  • Conserve your mobile phone battery for essential use by reducing the brightness of your screen, placing the phone in airplane mode, switching off 'push' mail and notifications, and closing background apps you are not using.
  • Limit the number and duration of mobile phone calls and SMS messages.

Triple zero and making emergency calls from mobile

National Broadband Network (NBN)

Landline phones and internet services that are connected to the NBN and require mains electricity will not work during a power outage unless a battery backup option is available.

If you require a safety critical device such as a medical alarm, fire alarm or lift emergency phone to work during a power outage, speak to the supplier of that device about the best solution.

What happens during a power blackout?

Mobile and internet outages

If your broadband isn’t working, it might be because of an unexpected outage on the network in your area, or it might be a disruption due to maintenance.

Check if there's an outage in your area by checking on your provider's website.

Mobile outages and what to check for

Prevent outages

Avoid damage to underground telecommunications cables during digging - Working safely near underground assets.

Water and sewerage

Is your water out?
Search for current outages on the SA Water website.

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Reporting incidents or faults

Before making a report, check for current work and faults.

For major water incidents or faults (including leaks), and sewer blockages in SA Water pipes -  phone SA Water on 1300 729 283.

SA Water has information on what to do with leaks and sewer blockages on your  property:

Prevent outages

Avoid damage to underground water and sewerage pipes during digging - Working safely near underground assets.

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    The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) is responsible for the electrical, gas, and plumbing safety and technical regulation in South Australia. Find out to contact the OTR.

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