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Cyber security

Engaging online is part of everyday life but the online world can give criminals opportunities to steal money, information or identities.

Find out how to keep ahead of and deal with the latest cyber security threats.

Prepare for cyber security incidents

Remember to:

  • keep your computer current with the latest patches and updates
  • make sure your computer is configured securely
  • choose strong passwords and keep them safe
  • protect your computer with security software
  • protect your personal information
  • check online offers as those that look too good to be true usually are
  • regularly review bank and credit card statements for suspicious activity.
Use the StaySmartOnline:
  • My Guide to help you put in place some good online security habits
  • Alert service to keep up-to-date about the latest online threats.

During and after cyber security incidents

If you are a victim of an online scam help is available.

Contact your bank

If you have sent money or personal banking details to a scammer or if someone makes an unauthoriised transaction on your account contact your bank immediately.

Recover your identity

If you think you have been the victim of identity theft, you can get help from IDCARE, a free national not-for-profit identity and cyber support service. Phone a counsellor on 1300 432 273 or check out their Cyber First Aid Kit and Learning Centre.

Report scams to SCAMWATCH

Report scams to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's SCAMWATCH.

Report to the authorities

If you have been a victim of cybercrime such as fraud, report it to the Australian Cyber Security Centre. They will assess your report and if further action is required you will be contacted by the relevant law enforcement agency.

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