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Taxi fares and charges

Taxi fares may vary depending on when you travel. When you catch a taxi you are required to pay the metered fare plus any booking fee or extra charges when you arrive at your destination.

Adelaide metropolitan taxi fares

Taxi fares are calculated by adding a flagfall, a distance rate and a waiting time.

The waiting time is added to the fare instead of the distance rate if the taxi is stopped or is travelling at less than a particular speed.


Tariffs set the rates of flagfall, distance and waiting time, depending on the time of day and the number of passengers.

Four tariff rates apply for taxi journeys in Adelaide. Tariff one and tariff two apply to one to four passengers and tariff three and tariff four apply to five passengers or more.

Tariff one and tariff three are the normal tariff rates applied and tariff two and tariff four are a higher rate that applies between 7.00 pm and 6.00 am Monday to Friday, and on weekends and public holidays.

TariffFlagfallDistance rateWaiting timeNumber of passengersFare commencing
1 $3.70 $1.87 per km $39.30 per hour 1 to 4 passengers Monday to Friday, 6.00 am to 7.00 pm
2 $4.90 $2.16 per km $39.30 per hour 1 to 4 passengers Monday to Thursday, 7.00 pm to 6.00 am
Friday, 7.00 pm to Monday, 6.00 am
During public holidays
3 $4.70 $2.42 per km $51.10 per hour 5 or more passengers Monday to Friday, 6.00 am to 7.00 pm
4 $6.40 $2.81 per km $51.10 per hour 5 or more passengers Monday to Thursday, 7.00 pm to 6.00 am
Friday, 7.00 pm to Monday, 6.00 am
During public holidays

Extra charges

Extra charges may appear on the taxi meter and are included in the fare. In South Australia these may include:

  • Adelaide Airport Service Fee: $3, pick up from T1 Airport Terminal Taxi Rank
  • Booking Fee: as charged by the booking service when pre-arranged with the hirer
  • Point To Point Transport Service Transaction Levy: $1, charged once per journey
  • Peak Period Fee $2: between 12.01 am and 5.59 am Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays.
  • Soiling Fee: $88, vehicle must be cleaned and deodorised before further use. If applicable this fee will not appear on the taxi meter.

Typical fares and journey times

DistanceApprox. journey timeTariff 1Tariff 2
Adelaide Airport to Victoria Square (6.3 km) 15 mins $18.00 to $21.40 $21.50 to $24.80
Adelaide Airport to North Adelaide (8.65 km) 18 mins $19.50 to $28.00 $22.50 to $31.50
Adelaide Airport to McLaren Vale (39.5 km) 44 mins $75.00 to $106.00 $85.00 to $120.00

Journeys ending outside Adelaide metropolitan area

Country running with up to four passengers is $1.18 per kilometre each way and waiting time is $39.30 per hour.

Country running with over five passengers is $1.54 per kilometre each way and waiting time is $39.30 per hour.

Multiple hiring

Multiple hiring of a taxi is intended for busy periods, to get more people – who happen to be travelling in the same direction – to their destination.

Multiple hiring means the driver gets paid more for the journey but each hirer pays less and gets home more quickly.

Payment options

Taxi fares can usually be paid by cash, EFTPOS, debit and credit cards, Cabcharge or SATSS voucher.

There is a maximum non-cash payment surcharge of 5% on the payment of taxi fares via card (i.e. debit or credit cards).

It's a good idea to ask the driver about the payment options and approximate cost before the start of your trip. The driver may also request proof of payment from you.

At the end of your trip you must pay the metered fare plus any additional charges or tolls that may apply.

Taxi ranks

Supervised taxi ranks offer extra public protection and security with lights and supervision by a concierge and a security officer. They operate between 11.00 pm and 3.00 am on Fridays and between 11.00 pm and 5.00 am Saturdays.

Supervised taxi ranks in Adelaide include:

  • North Terrace entrance to the Adelaide Casino
  • the corner of Pulteney Street and Rundle Mall
  • King William Street entrance to Rundle Mall
  • the south eastern corner of Morphett and Hindley Streets
  • at Glenelg on Colley Terrace (near Moseley Square).

Adelaide metropolitan taxis

See Taxi and passenger transport for a full list of South Australian accredited booking services.

Smartphone apps

See the Australian Taxi Industry Association website for a list of authorised smartphone apps for booking taxis in South Australia.

Taxi feedback, compliments and complaints

For further information or to lodge a compliment or complaint, telephone the taxi customer feedback line on 1300 311 108.

To lodge a compliment or complaint, you need to provide the time and date of your journey, the name of the taxi company, the taxi's number plate or the driver's number.

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