Using or updating your Companion Card

You can use your Companion Card at participating venues and activities to gain free entry for your companion or carer. This includes activities such as sporting venues, cinemas and many others.

Participating venues and activities in South Australia (368.1 KB PDF)

Many businesses accept the Companion Card even though they are not formally registered affiliates

Make sure you:

  • ask about the Companion Card when booking any ticket
  • look for the Companion Card logo at venues or activities and online

Your card is recognised throughout Australia.

Find out about using your Companion Card interstate.

Before you book

Contact the venue or activity operator before you book, to ask about access and whether participation fees apply.

A venue might accept the card, but it does not mean that the venue meets your accessibility requirements.

Operators can charge your companion a participation fee, if an activity is separate to admission. For example, a companion is provided free entry to a fun park but must pay to go on rides.

If you need assistance to participate in an activity, affiliated venues must issue a companion ticket for both admission and the activity.

Booking or buying tickets

Present your card or mention the Companion Card program at any venue or event that charges an admission fee.

When you book or buy tickets:

  • in person, simply show your card.
  • over the phone, tell the operator you have a Companion Card before you pay. You might be asked for your card number and the expiry date.
  • online, look for information about the Companion Card or ‘accessibility’ on the venue’s website.

Take your card with you when you go to an event with your companion. You may be asked to show your card while at the venue.

What to expect when booking

  • You should not be charged a booking fee for your companion ticket.
  • You’re entitled to a companion ticket even if you’re buying a concession ticket.
  • The venue should make sure your companion is seated close to you.
  • Check with the operator to find out exactly what’s included with both tickets if buying a package deal that combines admission costs with extras, such as meals.

Bringing your companion

A companion can be a paid or unpaid assistant. They could be your carer. They could also be a responsible family member, friend or partner. But a companion must provide you with significant assistance for:

  • mobility
  • communication
  • self-care
  • learning.

A companion does not have to be the same person each time.

Someone who provides only social company, reassurance, or encouragement, or assists for infrequent events or medical emergencies is not considered a companion.

Your responsibilities

Responsible use of your card ensures organisations continue to participate in this program.

Cardholder responsibilities (2.3 MB PDF)

If an affiliated venue or activity operator suspects a card is being misused, they can report it. Proven misuse can result in it being cancelled, and the cardholder won't be able to reapply.

Update your details or replace a card

Your Companion Card is a lifelong card. This means that you only need to apply once.

We renew your card every 10 years, to ensure your details and photograph are up to date. We'll contact you when your current card is about to expire.

If you need to update your details or replace your card earlier, you can:

Fill out the Replacement and change of details form (2.0 MB PDF) and post it to

SA Companion Card
Reply Paid 292
Adelaide SA 5001.

You can also contact us to have a form sent to you.

Complaints and appeals

Make a complaint about a venue

Venues or business that are not formally registered affiliates are not obligated to accept the Companion Card.

If you have a complaint about a non-affiliate business, please contact SA Companion Card.

Registered affiliates must accept the Companion Card. If you have a complaint regarding the recognition of your Companion Card by a registered affiliate, you should seek to resolve the issue with the business in the first instance.

If you are still not satisfied with the response contact SA Companion Card.

Appeal an unsuccessful application

Only people with significant and permanent disability, who require lifelong attendant care to attend venues or events, are eligible for a Companion Card.

If your application for a Companion Card was declined, you can request a review of the decision. You don't need to complete a new application form.

To request a review:

  • call the SA Companion Card team
  • provide additional information that demonstrates you meet the eligibility criteria, such as updated or unseen clinical or diagnostic reports from a medical practitioner or health professional

You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the review.


SA Companion Card

Phone: 1800 667 110


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