Short term liquor licence

When you need a short term licence

You need a short term liquor licence to sell, supply or permit the consumption of liquor:

  • at an event or function where you'll gain a commercial or financial benefit
  • on a regulated premises, even if you don't get any commercial or financial benefit.

If you intend to hold regular or recurring events you can apply for a short term (five year) licence instead.

You don't need a liquor licence when holding an event or function on private premises where you're supplying liquor but not for commercial or financial benefit. For example, you don't need a liquor licence to host a birthday party at home where you're providing alcohol, or alcohol is being consumed but sold.

The host or person organising the event needs to apply for the licence.

Existing licence holders who want to change or extend their trading hours or trading area for an event can apply.

What you'll need

Application fees

Lodgement timeframes

Licence summary

Each event will be placed into a class, depending on how you want to trade. All licensees must comply with the general code of practice.

Class 1

  • can only go for one day
  • can only trade until midnight
  • can't have more than 200 people at the event at any one time
  • can't have prescribed entertainment.

Class 2

  • can go for one or more days in duration
  • can only trade until 2.00 am
  • can't have more than 1,200 people at the event at any one time
  • can't have prescribed entertainment.

Events that are restricted to direct sales transactions only - for example, online or by mail order - are also categorised as Class 2.

Class 3

Variations to a short term licence

You can apply to vary the conditions on your licence but you can't apply for a variation:

  • that would place your short term licence in a different class
  • to change the premises address
  • to change who the licensee is
  • to change the licensed area.

To make these types of changes you must cancel your existing licence and reapply.

If you think you may need to move your event to a different area of the premises - for example, due to weather - you should consider applying for both areas to be licensed as you won't be able to change the area once the licence is granted.

Optional additions

You'll need to apply for prescribed entertainment consent if your event will have entertainment that:

  • is sexually explicit
  • involves boxing or martial arts.

Only Class 3 events can host prescribed entertainment.

What you'll need

All classes

You'll need to provide:

  • details of your function and a description of how liquor will be served
  • a plan of the licensed area in one of these formats (unless your licence is for direct sales transactions - for example, online or by mail order only):
    • a floorplan of the venue with the licensed area outlined in red
    • for large outdoor events you can lodge a satellite image - for example from Google maps - of the premises with the licensed area outlined in red on the image.

    How to submit a plan for a short term liquor licence (PDF)

Your event must comply with any other relevant rules and regulations. Make sure your local council is aware of your event, as well as any other interested party, for example your landlord.

In some cases CBS may ask you to prove that your local council support your event before your licence can be granted.

Class 1 and 2 events

For class 1 and 2 events, you'll need to decide who you want to nominate as your persons in charge of the event.

CBS recommend you nominate more than one person to be in charge in case a nominated person is unwell on the day of the event, or to allow each person in charge to take a break.

Class 3 events

For class 3 events you'll need to have a responsible person present at all times.

CBS recommend you nominate more than one responsible person in case a responsible person is unwell on the day of the event or to allow each responsible person to take a break.

For class 3 events, you'll also need to provide a copy of your management plan (PDF).

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