Short term (five year) liquor licence

A short term (five year) licence allows you to sell, supply or authorise the consumption of liquor at events endorsed on your licence.

You still need to lodge an application for an endorsement with CBS each time you intend to host an event. A reduced fee applies for each endorsement application lodged.

This licence may suit applicants whose business doesn't fit into a permanent licence category. It may also benefit event organisers who would usually apply for a short term licence on an annual basis.

This licence won't be granted if another licence category, or amending an existing licence, is more appropriate for the proposed licence activities.

When applying you'll need to nominate at least one event for endorsement. Additional events can be added later.

What you'll need

Application fees

Licence summary

This licence allows the licensee to sell liquor in line with the events endorsed on the licence.

The licence will expire five years after the date on which it is granted.

This licence can't be transferred.

Optional additions

Prescribed entertainment

You'll need to apply for prescribed entertainment consent if an event will have entertainment that:

  • is sexually explicit
  • involves boxing or martial arts.

Prescribed entertainment consent becomes part of your licence and can be applied to any event endorsed under the licence.

What you'll need

Positions of authority

Each person in a position of authority will be required to upload 100 points of ID. More information can be found on the South Australian Police website.

What happens next

You can log in to LGO at any time to track the progress of your application.

You'll also receive periodic email notifications asking you to log in to receive important information such as the date that your application will be considered (determination date).

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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