Apply for approval of a responsible person

Licensed venues must be personally supervised and managed by an approved responsible person (RP) at all times when open to the public. If your venue is not open to the public, an RP is not required.

Approval as a responsible person only authorises the person to supervise and manage the liquor operations of the business. It does not authorise the person to supervise and manage any gaming operations of the business.

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner must be satisfied that you are a fit and proper person. The honesty, integrity and reputation of both you and your associates will be taken into account in deciding whether you are fit and proper.

An individual can apply to be approved as a responsible person, or a licensee can lodge an application on an employee's behalf.

What you'll need

Application fee: $150.00

What you'll need

  • a digital photo of yourself
  • 100 points of ID - more information can be found on the South Australia Police website
  • at least 1 document with a current residential address.

Responsibilities of RPs

A responsible person has a number of responsibilities and obligations under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 and the commissioner’s Codes of Practice including:

  • recognising the signs of intoxication
  • not serving anyone who shows signs of intoxication
  • discouraging patrons from actions that can cause harm
  • knowing when to stop serving someone who is intoxicated
  • knowing when it's appropriate to remove a patron from a venue
  • checking identification documents to ensure that a minor is not consuming alcohol at the venue
  • recognising when it's appropriate to bar someone from a venue.


A responsible person is required to complete nationally accredited responsible service of alcohol training (RSA) within three months of commencing employment.

Find registered training organisations for RSA - Consumer and Business Services

Previously approved as responsible person

If you believe you've been previously approved as a responsible person and have an ID number, you can check whether you are currently approved.

Search the public register

ID badges

CBS no longer issue physical badges. You'll be emailed an approved responsible person badge template which you can print yourself. This badge indicates you're approved as a responsible person under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

This badge must be worn at all times when supervising a licensed premise.

If you've misplaced your badge, you can request a new one.

Request a new responsible person ID badge.

If you're also approved as a gaming manager or gaming employee you can print a badge for both gaming and liquor from the Barring and online employee notification system (BOEN).

What happens next

CBS will provide police with a copy of your application.

Police will provide any information of concern to CBS.

CBS will then assess your application and take into consideration your criminal history and creditworthiness.

If CBS has any concerns with your application or the information returned from the police, you'll be contacted and may be asked to do one or both of these:

  • provide written submissions addressing why your approval should be made ongoing
  • attend a scheduled hearing.

A decision will then be made on your application.

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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