Budgeting and money


The best way to understand the money going in and out of your household is to do a budget.

The Money Smart website covers:

  • why make a budget
  • how to plan a budget
  • how to get help.

Financial counselling

If you need support, financial counselling is available.

Find a free financial counsellor near you on the MoneySmart website or phone 1800 007 007.

The Affordable SA Helpline also provides support, information and referrals to help you manage living costs - phone 1800 025 539

Borrowing money and dealing with debt

Use the Money Smart website to learn about credit and the steps to manage your debt.

Information on borrowing and credit - MoneySmart website

Unclaimed money

Unclaimed money is deposited with the Department of Treasury and Finance by businesses, government agencies, local councils and many other similar sources, where the head office of the entity is registered in South Australia or does business in South Australia.

Anyone can search to see if they are entitled to monies held.

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