Cancel or transfer services

There are many services or agencies that the next-of-kin or executor may need to contact when someone dies.

You may also need to contact:

  • the person's doctor, dentist and any other health providers
  • the person's employer
  • concession providers
  • utility providers, including electricity, gas, phone and internet
  • subscription providers, for newspapers and magazines, or online services like Netflix or Spotify
  • landlord or letting agent
  • the local council, if the person was a ratepayer/homeowner
  • Service SA, or the issuer of the person's driver's licence
  • Australia Post (if mail needs to be redirected)
  • clubs, associations or religious organisations.

Internet and social media services have policies on what to do when someone dies:

Note that the estate may be entitled to refunds on cancelled services such as driver's licence or insurance policies.

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