Taxi and passenger transport

Operating a passenger transport business

Operator accreditation is valid for five years and is required by any person responsible for the operation of a passenger transport service. This includes:

  • the registered owner of one or more vehicles used for passenger transport
  • in the case of a company, each director and other interested persons.

When you apply for operator accreditation, the following are considered:

  • the safety of passengers and the public
  • service to passengers
  • vehicles and equipment.

You must provide a national police certificate (NPC) when you lodge the application for operator accreditation. Please lodge your application for a NPC with the SA Police Department. If you already hold a driver accreditation, your current child-related employment screening clearance will be accepted.

How to apply for operator accreditation

Complete the application for operator accreditation (290.8 KB PDF) form and submit with a plan of operation (323.7 KB PDF).

If you don't have driver accreditation and want to operate the passenger service you will need to apply to the SA Police for a national police certificate.

Accreditation and Licensing Centre
71 Richmond Road
Mile End 5031
Phone - 7109 8117

Accredited operator responsibilities

As the accredited operator you are responsible for insurance, plan of operation and vehicle inspections.


It is a requirement of operator accreditation to arrange the following insurances issued by a company incorporated in Australia:

  • public liability Insurance for a minimum of $5 million
  • third party property Insurance
  • compulsory third party Insurance for a public passenger transport vehicle.

Plan of operation

You must complete and submit Plan of operation - MR325 (323.7 KB PDF) with your application, to the Accreditation and Licensing Centre, with a summary of the service you wish to provide

If there are any significant variations to the nature of the service, a new plan of operation must be submitted with details of the changes.

Vehicle inspections

Periodic vehicle Inspections must be conducted by an approved inspections station. Approved vehicles are issued with an inspection sticker to indicate that the vehicle has met the requirements of the SA government.

New small passenger vehicles, country taxis and metropolitan taxis being registered for the first time may be eligible for an exemption from their initial inspection.


  • six monthly vehicle inspections
  • unlimited kilometres
  • maximum vehicle age of 6.5 years
  • seating capacity for 4 passengers plus driver

Before a taxi can operate on the road it must be fitted with:

  • a taxi meter
  • a roof sign (dome light)
  • audio and video (CCTV).

The equipment and installation must be provided through an approved taxi technician.

Metropolitan chauffeur vehicles

  • annual vehicle inspections
  • unlimited kilometres
  • maximum vehicle age of 6.5 years
  • seating capacity for 4 passengers plus driver

Rideshare vehicles

  • annual vehicle inspections
  • unlimited kilometres
  • maximum vehicle age of 8 years
  • seating capacity for 4 passengers plus driver

Special purpose vehicles

  • annual vehicle inspections
  • kilometre limit of 40,000 km per annum and 320,000 km total
  • maximum vehicle age of:
    • 6.5 years for novelty vehicles
    • 15 years for 4WD/off road, motorcycle and traditional vehicles
    • veteran, vintage or classic vehicles can exceed the 15 year limit with approval

Large passenger vehicles

  • annual vehicle inspections
  • unlimited kilometres
  • maximum vehicle age of 25 years

Approved inspection stations

Taxis, chauffeured, special purpose and rideshare vehicles

Royal Automobile Association (RAA)
101 Richmond Road
Mile End
Phone: 8202 4643

Rightway Automotive Services (RAS)
45 South Road
Phone: 8340 7233

Horse drawn vehicles

Contact Regency Park inspection station on 13 10 84 to arrange an inspection of the carriages. The inspections can be done at Regency Park or country inspections can be arranged by appointment. Horses must undergo a veterinary check.

Large passenger vehicles

Contact Regency Park inspection station on 1300 882 247 to arrange an inspection of large passenger vehicles.

Country clients should make arrangements through Regency Park.

Passenger transport application forms

Driver accreditation

Operator accreditation

Booking services

Other forms

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