The Restrictive Practices Unit runs the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme in South Australia. The unit is led by the senior authorising officer and includes authorising  program officers and supporting staff.

We are a team of allied health professionals with experience in disability, positive behaviour support and human services. The Restrictive Practices Unit is on Kaurna land and located within the Department of Human Services.

Our role

The unit is the central point of contact for people who will use the scheme. This includes:

  • NDIS service providers
  • authorised program officers
  • people with disability, their families and carers
  • others who are impacted by or involved in the scheme.

Our responsibilities

We assess and make:

  • authorising decisions about regulated restrictive practices
  • decisions about suitable people within NDIS services to become authorised program officers.

We provide training and education:

  • about restrictive practices and the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme
  • through the development of the Restrictive Practices Guidelines and other resources
  • to help the sector reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices.

We provide advice to the minister and others about restrictive practices used in the disability sector.

Supporting NDIS service providers

The Restrictive Practices Unit will support NDIS service providers to comply with the new laws and use the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme.

We will provide:

  • information and updates on this website
  • resources to support authorisation decision making
  • education, forums and networking opportunities.

Do you have a suggestion for how we can best help you and your organisation to use the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme? Send us an email at

Supporting people with disability

If you're an NDIS participant or their family member, you can contact the Restrictive Practices Unit to:

  • find out more about the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme
  • let us know if you're worried about a restrictive practice that is being used for you or someone you care about.

Call us on 1800 862 004.

If you have additional communication needs, let us know and we can arrange an interpreter or communication support. You may wish to bring along another person who can help.

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