Plumbing, gas fitting and electrical registration and contractors' licences

Individuals, including partners in a business and companies, must be licensed as plumbing, gas fitting or electrical (PGE) contractors if they run a business that carries out or organises that type of work.

If you do the physical trade work, you'll also need to register as a plumber, gas fitter or electrician. Check if your interstate or overseas licence is recognised in SA.

Complete the form online, then print, sign, scan and upload it (if you can't complete the form online phone 131 882 to discuss your options with CBS staff).
Other ways to submit the form

You'll need supporting documents and a photo to complete your registration or licence application.

Contractors licence

Sole traders, partners in a business and companies, including their directors, can apply unless they have legal restrictions on their work or business, such as bankruptcy, financial receivership or a suspended trade or business licence.

Experience and qualifications

You must have the right experience and qualifications to apply for a contractor’s licence. Companies need to show that a director also meets the business criteria.

Business criteria for contractors, companies and individuals (PDF 110KB)


You need to have at least $10,000 in net assets to apply for a contractor’s licence. If you don't, you can apply for a restricted licence as a subcontractor.

Photo and ID check

You will need to have your photo taken for your licence and undergo an ID check before being issued with a licence card.

Police check

Contractors will need a National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old from either:

You don't need an NPC if you:

  • are a director of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • have lodged an NPC with CBS within the last year
  • are an overseas resident and have never lived in Australia
  • have held a licence within the last year and are applying for an equivalent licence
  • have already supplied an NPC for a different licence issued under the same Act.

Plumber and gas fitter registration

Plumbers and gas fitters

Qualified plumbers can register if they:

  • work on water or sanitary plumbing, and drainage
  • install or test backflow prevention devices.

Qualified gas fitters register if they work on gas pipes or equipment, which are downstream of:

  • the licensed gas supplier’s meter
  • a gas storage tank or cylinder.

Plumbing and gas fitting qualifications

If you're an interstate applicant, and not applying through mutual recognition, you'll need to provide evidence regarding your intention to contract for and/or work as an electrical worker, plumber, gas fitter in South Australia. This includes workers in the fire protection industry.

Information for interstate plumbers working in SA (146.8KB PDF)

Information for interstate gas fitters working in SA (146.8KB PDF)

Electrician registration

Your electrical qualifications will determine the type of work that will be included on your registration.

Electrical work includes installing, altering, repairing or maintaining an electrical installation, subject to conditions limiting (in any way) the work that may be carried out under the authority of the registration.

Electrical qualifications - through a trade apprenticeship or Certificate lll

National Restricted Electrical Licence (NREL) qualifications allows the disconnection and reconnection of existing fixed wired equipment (connected to a supply of up to 1000 volts), while observing and maintaining the safety of the working environment. 

The work performed includes:

  • identifying point of isolation
  • isolating equipment
  • disconnecting the equipment
  • determination of the electrical characteristics of the equipment
  • selecting the replacement equipment
  • reconnecting the equipment
  • testing the equipment for operation and safety.

However, the registration does not permit you to perform electrical maintenance, fault finding, installation, rewiring, alterations or additions to any electrical equipment or fixed wiring.

If you're an interstate applicant, and not applying through mutual recognition, you'll need to provide evidence regarding your intention to contract for and/or work as an electrical worker, plumber, gas fitter in South Australia. This includes workers in the fire protection industry.

Information for interstate electricians working in SA (147 KB PDF)

Apprentice registration

All plumbing, gas fitting and electrical workers must have a photographic registration card, including apprentices. If you're not registered, both you and your employer can face significant penalties.

As soon as your training contract has been approved, CBS will contact you by email or SMS with a link where you can upload a licence photo and 100 points of ID.

CBS will then post your registration card to you. There is no fee.

If you have any questions about your registration, you can email


Contractor's licence needs to be renewed each year.

Your PGE workers' registration needs to be renewed every three years.

You'll need your licence or registration number and credit card to renew online or by phone.

You can find your client identification number on your renewal notice.

Renewal fees

Renew online

Renew your licence. Renew now

Other ways to renew


Phone 1300 668 531


Make cheques or money orders payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and attach to the front page of your renewal notice.

Consumer and Business Services|
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001

Notify CBS of these changes

Notify CBS:

Digital licences

You can download your licence or registration to an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet using the mySAGOV app.

Hard copy licences will still be issued and it's a good idea to carry these with you until digital licences become widely accepted.

Contact CBS licensing


Phone131 882 and press 4

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