Building work supervisor's registration

Building work supervisors make sure that all building work performed meets the required building standards. Supervisors must be registered and approved by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

To complete your registration you'll need meet certain requirements and supply supporting documents - what you'll need.

After filling out the form you'll need to print and sign it, then scan and upload it (if you can't do this phone 131 882 to discuss your options with CBS staff).

Other ways to submit the form

Application fees

What happens next

You’ll need to have your photo taken and your ID checked before you can be given a licence card.

Use the standard registration conditions list to find the condition that best matches your experience. You’ll need to demonstrate that your knowledge and experience satisfies the scope of work listed under the condition that you apply for.

If you don't demonstrate enough technical knowledge and experience, you won’t get a technical interview.

If you’re an interstate applicant and not applying through mutual recognition, you’ll need to provide evidence regarding your intention to supervise building work in South Australia.

Technical interviews are conducted online.

Who should apply

Sole traders must be a registered building work supervisor or have a supervisor approved for their business. They can register as a building work supervisor when they apply for their contractor's licence.

Companies must nominate a registered building work supervisor. If a company does not nominate a registered supervisor during the application process, the licence will be placed in suspension 28 days after the licence has been granted.

What you'll need

You will need to show:

  • copies of trade certificates (or other qualifications)
  • technical qualifications
  • evidence of experience.

Knowledge and experience

Use the performance criteria to check you have the knowledge and experience needed for this licence. If you're already qualified, complete the work history in the online application form and include:

  • your job title and employer
  • the date range for the position
  • a detailed description of the type of work performed
  • two written work references from licensed builders.

Technical interview assessment

A technical interview will assess your building knowledge, covering aspects of:

  • the national construction codes
  • Australian building standards
  • timber framing codes
  • manufacturer requirements
  • engineer specifications.

Your application should be tailored to the work you have personally performed or supervised, and you must understand the associated requirements. If you don't have the requirements you should do further training and get more experience before applying.

Registration conditions

General building work registrations include supervising other trades. The supervisor oversees the complete building process. A registration condition can be limited by height, type or class of building.

Specified building work registrations include supervising a single or multiple trade activity - e.g bricklaying and retaining walls.

Use the standard registration conditions list to find the determine the scope of work suited to your application.

  1. Find the condition that matches your scope of work.
  2. Check the qualification/experience pathways.
  3. Select the condition and pathway numbers on your application.

Only apply for conditions that suit your knowledge and experience. For example, if you are applying for 'any building work' you should have experience in:

  • commercial building work 5 storeys and above, and
  • residential building work 5 storeys and above, and
  • major civil construction projects.


Licences must be renewed every year. If your licence has expired, you need to apply for a new one.

Renewal fee: $224.00


You'll need your licence number and customer identification to pay by credit card.

Renew now


Make cheque or money orders payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and attach to the front page of your renewal.

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001


You'll need your licence number and customer identification to pay by credit card.

Phone 1300 668 531

Digital licences

You can download your licence or registration to an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet using the mySA GOV app.

Hard copy licences will still be issued and it's a good idea to carry these with you until digital licences become widely accepted. For more information visit

Contact CBS licensing


Phone131 882 and press 4

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