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Work licence cards and ID

When you apply for an occupational licence you need to have your photo taken and show 100 points of identification (ID). Your licence card will show:

  • your photo and name
  • licence type and number
  • scope of licence and who authorises it
  • any restrictions or endorsements.

Security agents must carry their licence when working and produce it when asked.

100 points of ID

100 points each

  • photo licence/registration card issued by Consumer and Business Services (CBS)
  • driver’s licence or proof of age card
  • current passport.

70 points each

  • certified birth certificate or copy certified by a justice of the peace
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • expired passport - within the last two years.

40 points each

  • current licence or permit issued under Australian law
  • government employee ID
  • government benefits card - eg health care card
  • student ID card
  • statement from your employer or referee confirming they have known you for 12 months.

25 points each

  • utility account - eg gas, water, electricity
  • council rates
  • bank statement
  • credit card
  • other official correspondence confirming your ID.

Photos can be taken at the CBS Customer Service Centre or Service SA.

People living in remote areas can complete a Proof of identity form (PDF 94KB).

Security ID badges - crowd control

Licensed security agents must wear additional ID attached to the front of their shirt when controlling crowds.

The ID must be worn similar to a badge - on the outside of clothing and secured to the chest front (lanyards are not acceptable).

Employers need to make sure each agent is given the ID badge before they begin the work.

Maximum penalty - $2,500

Cards must be:

  • easy to read
  • show black characters on a white background
  • have a one, two or three digit number -minimum 4 cm high and 5 mm thick
  • include the word ‘security’ - minimum 5 mm high
  • show the name of the place or event - minimum 5 mm high
  • have a different number for each crowd controller.

Security ID badge shows the words Security a three digit number and name of the event

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