Help communicating about legal matters

People with complex communication needs can ask for help if they are being interviewed about a serious crime or legal matter.

They may be victims or witnesses who need to be interviewed by police, legal professionals or other government officers. Help may also be available for witnesses who need to give evidence in a civil or criminal court.

Type of help that is available

The type of help you can access includes:

  • devices to help communicate such as a speak-and-spell device
  • an appropriate person approved by the person interviewing you or the court
  • a 'communication partner' - a qualified communication specialist who will provide advice about how you can be supported.

How to get help

You can ask for this type of help through:

  • your lawyer
  • a police officer
  • the person interviewing you
  • the prosecutor
  • the court.

Find a communication partner

Hiring a communication partner

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