Hiring a communication partner

Agencies and legal professionals that hire a communication partner must make sure the person they hire:

They must also:

  • inform the communication partner about the role and the services needed for the specific job
  • agree to the cost of the service and to pay those costs.

Engaging a communication partner (PDF 1517KB)


People who can act as communication partners include:

  • certified speech pathologists (members of Speech Pathology Australia)
  • registered occupational therapists
  • psychologists registered with the Psychology Board of Australia
  • developmental educators who are full members of Developmental Educators Australia Incorporated
  • social workers with a membership status with the Australian Association of Social Workers.

The communication partner must:

Communication partners may charge a fee for their services and the person who hires the partner is responsible for payment.

A guide for communication partners (PDF 1212KB)

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