Transfer or exchange a Housing SA property

If you want to move to a different public  housing property, or to Aboriginal housing you need to register for a transfer or a mutual exchange.

Log in to Housing Connect to complete the transfer or mutual exchange form - or both.

Don't have a Housing Connect account? Set up an account.

Other ways to register

Transfer - who can register

You can register for a transfer in any of these situations:

  • lived in your current property for at least three years
  • live in an Aboriginal community managed by Housing SA
  • approved for a Category 1 or 2 transfer.

Mutual exchange - who can register

You can register for a mutual exchange if you:

  • are a current Housing SA tenant
  • have a lease agreement for five or more years or an ongoing lease agreement
  • don't have any active, serious and substantiated complaints about antisocial behaviour.

What happens next

You’ll receive a letter if you've successfully registered for a transfer or an exchange.

The letter will also advise if more information is needed. You might be asked to attend an interview to discuss your situation.


Registrations are placed into a category based on need. Households with the highest level of need are generally offered housing first.

Mutual exchanges

Your property will be listed on the mutual exchange register.

Next steps to exchange your property

Contact Housing SA if you want to cancel or update your registration.

Payments when you move

When you leave your existing property you'll need to pay:

  • a bond for the new property
  • water charges up to the date you leave your current property
  • any charges for wear and tear (other than maintenance at your current property).

Related information

Other websites

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