Transfer or exchange a Housing SA property

If you want to move to a different public  housing property, or to Aboriginal housing you need to register for a transfer or a mutual exchange.

Register for a transfer

A registration for transfer is placed on the housing register and prioritised based on your household's needs.

Who can register

You are eligible for a transfer if you satisfy any of these conditions:

  • have lived in your current property for at least three years
  • live in an Aboriginal community managed by Housing SA
  • have been approved for a Category 1 or 2 transfer.

How to register

1. Complete the form

Transfer registration form (304.3 KB PDF)

2. Supporting documents

You'll need proof of identity for anyone in your household aged 16 and over who hasn't previously given Housing SA their proof of identity.

If you're registering to transfer to Aboriginal housing or housing in an Aboriginal community, you'll also need to provide Confirmation of Aboriginality.

3. Return all documents

Return all documents to Housing SA.

What happens next

You’ll receive a letter telling you if you've successfully registered for a transfer, or if more information is required.

You may be asked to attend an interview to discuss your situation.

Registrations are placed into a category based on need. Households with the highest level of need are generally offered housing first.

You can cancel or update your registration for transfer at any time by contacting Housing SA.

Register for a mutual exchange

If you register for a mutual exchange, you are responsible for finding another tenant to swap properties with.

Who can register

You're eligible to register for a mutual exchange if:

  • you're a current Housing SA tenant
  • your lease agreement is for five or more years or is an ongoing lease agreement
  • you don't have any active, serious and substantiated complaints about antisocial behaviour.

How to register

1. Complete the form

Mutual exchange registration form (227.5 KB PDF)

Return the form to Housing SA.

You’ll receive a letter telling you if you’ve been registered for mutual exchange.

Your property will be listed on the mutual exchange register.

Contact Housing SA if you want to cancel or update your registration.

2. Find a house to swap

Search the mutual exchange register at any regional Housing SA office to find properties and areas you'd like to move to.

Information in the register includes:

  • number of bedrooms
  • type of property
  • location
  • details of any special features, like a carport
  • a mutual exchange number.

3. Contact the current tenant

When you find a property you're interested in, give Housing SA the mutual exchange number of the property and they will give you a contact number for the tenant.

4. View the property

Arrange a time to see the property, and for the current tenant to come and see yours.

Before you agree to exchange properties, make sure you're happy with the property's size, location and condition.

5. Get approval to exchange properties

Once you've both decided you want to exchange properties, contact Housing SA.

You can't move until Housing SA approves the exchange.

Payments when you move

When you leave your existing property you'll need to pay:

  • a bond for the new property
  • water charges up to the date you leave your current property
  • any charges for wear and tear (other than  maintenance at your current property.

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