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Ending a public housing tenancy

You must give at least two weeks' written notice to Housing SA if you want to end your public housing tenancy. Complete a termination of tenancy form (178.4 KB PDF) and return it to Housing SA.

If you need to leave your home temporarily you may not have to end your tenancy.

In some situations, you may be able to transfer the tenancy to another person who lives in the property.

Change or cancel ending your tenancy

Contact Housing SA before your tenancy is due to end if you want to either:

  • change the date your tenancy ends
  • cancel ending your tenancy.

Your responsibilities when you leave

Before you leave, you're responsible for:

  • making sure your Housing SA account is paid up to date, including maintenance and water charges
  • removing all your belongings
  • removing all rubbish from the property
  • organising for utility services to be disconnected, including gas and electricity
  • leaving the property in a clean state.

Remove any alterations you made to the property if either:

  • Housing SA didn’t give you written permission to install them
  • Housing SA gave you written permission to install them, but they aren’t in good working condition.

Repair any damage removing them caused. For example, fill in and paint over holes left by shelving units.

Housing SA will contact you to:

  • help you understand your responsibilities when moving out
  • see if you need any support
  • make time for a final inspection.

Belongings left behind at the property

You'll be charged for the costs of removing any belongings or rubbish you leave at the property.

Many local councils offer free or low cost services to remove rubbish or unwanted belongings like furniture. Contact your local council for more information.

Any belongings you leave behind at the property are considered to be abandoned goods.

If the cost of removing, storing and selling the goods is:

  • more than the cost of storing them, Housing SA disposes of or donates them to charity.
  • less than their estimated value, Housing SA puts them in storage for 60 days.

Contact Housing SA if you want to collect goods that have been stored. You'll be charged the cost for removing and storing them.

If Housing SA finds sentimental items like photos or items of cultural significance it keeps them for six months. If you don’t collect them within six months of leaving, Housing SA disposes of them.

Outgoing tenant inspections

It's important you attend the outgoing tenant inspection. Contact Housing SA if you can’t attend.

The current condition of your property is compared to the inspection form you completed when you first moved in. Housing SA takes into consideration:

  • how long you've lived there
  • reasonable wear and tear.

You may find it helpful to review your original inspection sheet before your final inspection.

You may be able to make small repairs before the inspection.

Reference letter

You can ask Housing SA to send you a tenant reference letter once you've moved out. A reference may help you secure alternative accommodation in the future.

Credit in your account

You'll be refunded any credit left in your account once any charges have been deducted such as for water. This can take up to eight weeks from the date your tenancy ended.

If you want to return

Once you've moved out you won't be able to return.

If you want to be rehoused in public housing, you'll need to register your interest in public or community housing.

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