Subdividing land

The process for subdividing land can be complicated and time-consuming. It is recommended you hire professionals to help you meet the planning and legal requirements.

Process for subdividing land – Land Services SA

  • A licensed surveyor will prepare your plans to lodge with State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP).
  • A conveyancer or solicitor will prepare the application – meeting legal and administrative requirements – to lodge at Land Services SA (LSSA).

You can also contact the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) for advice.


Standard fees you can expect to pay will be:

  • lodgement fees SCAP and LSSA
  • surveying and conveyancing fees.

You might also need to pay:

Open space contributions

Large subdivisions must set aside at least 12.5% of the land for community use. For example, a park. 

Smaller subdivisions could require an open space contribution fee instead. The amount is based on the number of allotments and the rate set by regulations. These fees are payable to the Planning and Development Fund.


An application could be refused because:

  • the subdivision doesn’t align with your council's development plans
  • it's in a rural area not intended for subdivision
  • the area of the land is too small for its proposed use.

Find out more about your rights and the next step to appeal a decision.

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