Extreme weather response for people rough sleeping

Code Red and Code Blue

Code Red and Code Blue responses to extreme weather aim to reduce the harmful effects on people rough sleeping by:

  • connecting them with support services
  • providing additional services including extended operating hours for services, increased shelter options, additional food services, sunscreen etc.

SA Housing Authority coordinates Code Red and Code Blue extreme weather responses across South Australia in partnership with other service providers.

When a Code Red or Code Blue response is activated, homelessness services will visit known rough sleeper locations to make people aware of the supports available to them. Information about services and support will be available on Facebook and SA Housing Authority website.

What activates a Code Red or Code Blue

Triggers for Code Red

  • Severe heatwave where the Excess Heat Factor is 1 to 3
  • Extreme heatwave where the Excess Heat Factor is above 3

Excess Heat Factor (EHF) is calculated using a formula which considers the minimum, maximum and average temperatures over a three day period. The State Emergency Service (SES) works closely with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) to daily predict the EHF.

Triggers for Code Blue

  • Extreme weather conditions predicted to continue for at least three days by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) with any two of the following:
    • temperatures dropping below an average night-time low of 6°C
    • significant rainfall causing difficulty for people rough sleeping to remain dry
    • damaging wind gusts pose a high risk for the safety of people rough sleeping.
  • Prolonged cold conditions where the BOM predicts five or more days with average night-time temperatures dropping below 5°C.
  • Any other factors related to extreme winter weather which require a Code Blue response.

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