Finalising a property sale at settlement

Settlement usually happens 4-12 weeks after the sales contract is signed. The buyer and seller should organise their own conveyancer or solicitor to represent them during this legal process. All settlements in South Australia are done electronically.

Check that a conveyancer is registered in SA

The settlement date is included in the contract of sale. It is the date that:

  • the balance of the purchase price is paid
  • legal documents are lodged
  • the certificate of title is transferred
  • the property is legally transferred
  • the adjustments for rates and taxes are calculated.

Documents required

Documents lodged with Land Services SA at settlement include:

  • memorandum of transfer
  • memorandum of mortgage
  • discharge of mortgage.

Rates and taxes

Rates and taxes for the property are transferred to the buyer at settlement. The seller is responsible for rates up to and including that date.

Stamp duty is a government tax paid by the buyer and is calculated at the date on the contract.

Transfer fee calculator

Taking possession

Once the settlement is complete, the buyer can arrange to collect the keys. Any access to the property before possession can be negotiated with the seller or their agent.

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