Retirement, pensions and superannuation

Help secure your future by planning for your retirement. Seek expert advice, work out how much money/income you need to retire comfortably and see what government assistance, including a pension, you might be entitled to.

Plan your retirement

A step-by-step retirement guide is available from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) website and includes the following:

Services Australia has payments and services to help you plan for retirement or continue to work past Age Pension age.

The YourLifeChoices website also has information on retirement planning.

Unplanned or postponed retirement

Services Australia provide advice, information and services if you are retrenched or made redundant whether you're seeking new work or planning an early retirement.

Services Australia can also advise you about postponing your retirement and continuing to work after retirement age. The Work Bonus is an incentive for pensioners to remain in the workforce past age pension age by increasing the amount you can earn before your pension is reduced.

Pension entitlements

Advice about payments, services and concessions you may be entitled to after retirement can be found on the Services Australia website.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) provides means-tested income support to former serving members and their families to assist with everyday living costs. You can also phone DVA on 1800 838 372.


Superannuation funds are savings schemes designed to provide you with an income when you retire.

It is important to understand how superannuation works, what types there are, the rules for employer and personal contributions and how to maximise super when you retire.

Use these resources as a starting point:

Making a complaint has information on how to make a complaint about superannuation, credit card, insurance policy or other financial services.

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