Barbecue safety

Before you buy or use a barbecue, check that the barbecue, hose and regulator are labelled as safety certified for use in Australia.

Carrying out a few safety checks can mean your home and the people you share a barbeque meal with are safe.

Safety checks

Cylinder and hoses

  • Check your LPG cylinder is:
    • in date
    • certified as safe to use
    • disposed of correctly if it’s no longer safe.
  • Make sure the hose isn’t cracked, kinked, crushed or stretched.
  • Check for gas leaks before you use it
  • Turn the gas off at both the cylinder and barbecue once you have finished cooking. It is safer to turn off the cylinder first so gas in the pipe doesn't get trapped.


When storing your barbeque, protect the hose from:

  • heat
  • sun exposure
  • physical damage.

You should replace the hose every five years.


Whether your barbeque is portable or built in, make sure you:

  • Keep children a safe distance from barbecues and LPG cylinders.
  • Only use your barbecue:

You must hire a licensed gas fitter when you install a fixed or built-in barbeque and get a certificate of compliance from the gas fitter when the work is done.


Make sure you barbeque is kept free from built up grease and check that:

  • the drip tray and grills are clean
  • the burners are not blocked
  • the control knobs haven’t seized up.

Have your barbecue checked every two years by a licensed gas fitter.

Do it yourself LPG barbecue trailers

Don't build your own barbecue trailer.

Extensive testing is needed to establish gas appliance safety and these tests must be carried out by an authorised laboratory, based on the Australian Standards.

Securely mounting two certified gas barbecues on a trailer will safely do the same job.

'Outdoor use only'

Appliances, such as barbecues, camping stoves and patio heaters are designed to use in outdoor areas, which are well ventilated.

Outdoor gas appliances are marked ‘Use outdoor only’. It is dangerous to use these appliances indoors or in partially-enclosed areas that aren’t well ventilated.

Look for a warning label on the appliance or check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

BBQ warning labels

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