Camps and excursions

Most schools and preschools supplement learning through camps and excursions. They stimulate and challenge students and give an opportunity for children to interact with teachers and each other in a setting vastly different from the classroom.

Students discover and experience new environmental settings and learn new skills first hand. These can take the form of:

  • day excursions to places of interest
  • performing arts during and after school hours
  • participation in sports, arts and cultural events
  • orientation camps
  • music, physical education and outdoor education camps.


In most cases there's an additional cost for camps and excursions that helps cover things like entrance fees and transport.

If you have financial problems that could stop your child from attending, talk to the school principal. Support is also available for parents who have a School Card.


All schools and preschools have camp and excursion policies that include staff to student ratios, duty of care, safety and parental involvement. For more information contact your child's school.

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