Programs and initiatives for Aboriginal high school students

Moving to high school

Year 6 and 7 Aboriginal students starting high school in 2022, can join the Enter for Success program to help them adjust to high school life. From 2023 onwards, only children starting year 7 will be able to apply the year prior to starting school. The program is designed to improve student attendance at school.

You can enrol at a government high school of your choice and receive support to achieve the goals in your individual learning plan.

If you wish to apply for this program, you and your child should meet with your primary school staff to discuss the option of attending a secondary school other than your local zoned school through this program.

SACE and Aboriginal students

Find out how SACE can help Aboriginal students achieve their goals and pursue different career paths. As part of their preparation for SACE students will undertake a subject called Personal Learning Plans (PLP). This is compulsory for all year 10 students.

This course will help students further develop the learning plan that they have been working on each year at school. It will assist them to:

  • make informed decisions about year 11 and 12 subjects and any courses outside school
  • prepare for career options and other goals.

Aboriginal Program Assistance Scheme (APAS)

The Aboriginal Program Assistance Scheme (APAS) provides funding to schools to employ tutors to work with identified Aboriginal students in literacy and numeracy.

The school will notify parents and caregivers of their child’s involvement in the APAS program, and get a signed consent form giving permission for their child to be involved in the program.

For more information, speak to your child's school or contact Aboriginal Services on 8226 1214 or email:

School to work transition

Aboriginal students can participate in 'Workabout Centre' programs in the northern, southern and western Adelaide areas, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Murraylands. The Workabout Centre offers a range of programs and services to support Aboriginal students to make a successful transition from school to work, higher education or further training.

The Workabout Centre engages Aboriginal young people in educational and employment pathways and builds relationships between education providers, industry Aboriginal communities and other organisations.

Student needs are addressed on a case-by-case basis, with a range of options available to help achieve their goals.

To be eligible for Workabout Centre services, students must be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and enrolled in a public high school. Minimum ages may apply to some programs.

For more information contact the Aboriginal Education Directorate on 8226 4391 or email:

University and higher education

Support at TAFE

The TAFE Aboriginal Access Centre (ACC) helps Aboriginal people access and participate in vocational education. They provide:

  • individual case management
  • tutorial assistance
  • e-learning resources.

For more information phone the TAFE SA Aboriginal Access Centre on 8303 2632.

Support at university

All South Australian universities encourage and help Aboriginal students to get in to university, and provide assistance once they have enrolled in a course. More information can be found at:

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