Enter for Success program

The Enter for Success program aims to support the inclusion, attendance, participation and retention of Aboriginal students at school.

This program gives Aboriginal students the opportunity to enrol and be accepted into any government school they nominate the year before starting school.

Who can apply

Students who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander can apply the year prior to starting school.

This means the program applies to:

  • children eligible to start reception in 2022
  • year 6 and year 7 students starting secondary school in 2022.

From 2023 onwards, only children starting reception or year 7 will be able to apply the year prior to starting school.

Choosing a school

There’s already a place available at your local government school. If you don’t want to attend your local government school, you can select another school.

Students should consider a school that:

  • meets their educational needs
  • provides the best opportunity for a healthy social life
  • provides encouraging environments for educational success.

Support in the chosen school

Once a school is chosen, the school will work with you to make sure they give your child the necessary support and opportunities to achieve educational outcomes through their schooling.

The success of the program depends on quality consultation and clear communication between:

  • your child’s preschool or primary school
  • your child’s intended primary or secondary school
  • student support services
  • Aboriginal education staff
  • students and their families.

How to apply

If your child is eligible to start reception at the beginning of the next school year, you should contact the school directly for an application to register your interest. It is recommended you apply by 30 June. However you have until the last day of term 4 to apply.

Refer to starting school for more information.

Year 6 and 7 families should apply through the department’s statewide registration of interest process for students starting secondary school (before the end of term 2).

Refer to registering to start high school for more information.

If you’re interested in the program, you and your child should meet with your preschool or primary school to discuss enrolment options, expectations, responsibilities and commitments of everyone involved.

Help with the program

Contact your preschool or school if you need more information.

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