Reclassification of a commercial vehicle to a campervan or motorhome inspection

Commercial vehicles that have been converted so that a person can travel and live inside may be eligible for registration as non-commercial vehicles. To be registered as a non-commercial van or a non-commercial utility, alterations to the vehicle must be such that insufficient area remains for carrying of goods.

Key considerations for utilities

A utility vehicle is classed as a commercial vehicle for registration purposes because it is constructed or adapted for the carriage of goods, as opposed to a sedan or station wagon which is primarily a passenger vehicle.

A utility vehicle can only be reclassified as non-commercial if it is significantly modified or altered to an extent that it would no longer be in accordance with the original manufactured specifications. Adapting a vehicle to carry goods in a more efficient manner, such as installing drawers or cupboards, by carrying a fridge or by fitting a removable mattress or bedding, is not considered sufficient to meet the requirement for reclassification.

Reclassification criteria

For a vehicle to be registered as non-commercial, the following criteria must be met:

  • there are sufficient windows fitted for internal light and ventilation
  • there is sufficient height for an adult to stand and/or move about
  • there is permanent sleeping accommodation for one or more persons. For sleeping arrangements, the size of a utility tray is to be considered when conducting an inspection. The size of the tray must be suitable for the operator of the vehicle to sleep securely and comfortably.

Some or all of the following criteria must also be considered:

  • there are fixed cupboards and or wardrobes
  • there is a bench or fixed table for eating purposes
  • the modification to the vehicle ensures that at least two-thirds of the vehicle’s floor area is no longer suitable for the carriage of goods
  • stereo and hi-fi equipment and speakers are fitted
  • whether a person could live or travel comfortably inside the vehicle.

These vehicles must be:

  • inspected by an officer at any customer service centre
  • weighed and a weighnote supplied to any customer service centre, if applicable.

If changes have been made to the seating capacity, the vehicle must be inspected by the vehicle services section of the department, Kateena St, Regency Park for Australian design rule compliance and any applicable safety requirements. Phone 13 10 84 to organise a departmental booking.

An application to alter vehicle or trailer details (185.6 KB PDF) must be lodged with Service SA for any alterations or modifications to a vehicle.

Touring utilities and touring vans

The classification of touring utilities/touring vans has been discontinued. Vehicles that meet the reclassification criteria above will be eligible for registration as a 'caravan vehicle'. Registration costs are the same.

Owners who currently have the classification of 'touring utility' applied to their vehicle will see no change to their registration, providing the vehicle remains currently registered. If the vehicle changes ownership an inspection by a Service SA Customer Service Centre will be required to determine if the vehicle meets the criteria to continue registration as non-commercial. If the vehicle is not presented for inspection it will be reclassified as a 'utility' for the purposes of calculating the registration fees.

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