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Apply for or renew a trade plate

Who can apply

Trade plates may be issued to:

Apply for trade plates

What you will need

You will need to produce at least three of the following identification documents

  • Second hand vehicle dealers licence certificate (MVLD)
  • Motor Trade Association (MTA) Membership letter (must not be more than three months old at time of lodging the application)
  • A current RAA approved repair service agreement (must not be more than 12 months old at time of lodging the application)
  • Any one of
    • ASIC Business Name Extract or
    • ASIC Company Extract or
    • Notice of Issue of an ABN from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Photographic evidence of workshop premises, internally and externally (this identification document is Mandatory for Mechanical Repairers or Panel Beaters etc.)
  • Confirmation of Return to Work SA Registration
  • Any one of:
    • White/Yellow pages listing or
    • Reference to business website or social media account that shows clear evidence of business conductivity

Photographic evidence will be a Mandatory identification document for businesses such as mechanical repairers, crash repairs/panel beaters, car detailers (applications made by car detailers will be accepted on a case by case basis). Acceptable photographs may include but are not limited to:

  • Car Hoists/Grease pit
  • Large selection of tools that have permanent storage facilities (i.e. are not used out of a tool box)
  • Chemical associated with the repair of vehicles (e.g. greases, solvents, oils etc)
  • Vehicle parts
  • Electronic/diagnostic equipment for vehicles
  • Spray booths
  • Clear signage of the business

How to apply

Complete the forms:

Lodge your application forms, present your identification documents and pay the required fee at a Service SA customer service centre.

Trade plate sizes

The plate size issued depends on the type of vehicle categories that you nominate.

A motorcycle sized plate will be issued if the only category nominated is motorcycle.

All other vehicle category types and combinations will be issued a general vehicle sized trade plate.

Period of issue

A trade plate may be issued for one, two or three years. A certificate and label will be issued to you when all the requirements are completed.

Vehicle categories

You may apply for a trade plate to be used on the following vehicle categories:

Heavy vehicle

A motor vehicle or trailer that has a gross vehicle mass exceeding 4500kg (excluding a farm implement and farm machine or special purpose vehicle).

The heavy vehicle category does not allow the trade plate to be used for vehicles that belong to the light vehicle category. If you wish to use a trade plate for both types of vehicles, you would need to nominate both categories in your application.

Light vehicle

A motor vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 4500kg (excluding a motorcycle, trailer, farm machine, farm implement and special purpose vehicle).


Any motorcycle regardless of the engine capacity.


A trailer that has a gross trailer mass not exceeding 4500kg (excluding a farm implement, farm machine and special purpose vehicle).

Farm implements and farm machines

Self-propelled farm machines and towed farm implements only.

Special purpose vehicles

Any vehicle not specifically designed for the carriage of passengers or goods including farm implements and farm machines.


It is an offence to use a trade plate on a category of vehicle that is not recorded on the certificate and label that is issued to you.

The Motor Vehicle Regulations 2010 detail the purposes for which a trade plate may be used.

Renew a trade plate

A renewal notice will be posted to you 42 days before the expiry date.

Complete the renewal notice and take it to a Service SA Customer Service Centre.

A trade plate may be renewed for one, two or three years.

To renew a trade plate, you must have received approval to be issued a trade plate within the last six months.

If you have not received approval within this time, an application for issue of trade plates (109.3 KB PDF) must be completed and presented with the renewal.

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