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You must not drive a motor vehicle on a road unless you have a number plate, or plates, with the number allocated to the vehicle displayed.

At night, the number plate on the rear of the vehicle must be lit with a white light so the number plate can be read 20 metres from the vehicle.

Displaying number plates

Only number plates issued by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and made by the approved manufacturer comply with the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Number plates must be clearly visible from the front and rear of a motor vehicle and must not be obscured by a tow ball, load, plastic cover, dirt build-up or any part of the vehicle's bodywork.

Penalties apply for not complying with number plate laws, for example obscuring a number plate or driving with false plates. More information on the types of number plates, including special plates and how to order them, can be found on Ezyplates website.

Surrendering a number plate

Number plates can be surrendered at any Service SA customer service centre. You will need to complete MR300 Surrender of number plates (80.6 KB PDF) form.

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Order replacement plates

You'll need your client or licence number.

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