To drive a vehicle on South Australian roads, you must have number plates on the vehicle that were issued by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and made by the approved manufacturer. They are the only plates that comply with the Motor Vehicles Act.  Standard and special number plates are available.

Displaying number plates

Number plates must be clearly visible from the front and rear of a motor vehicle and must not be obscured by anything, including a tow ball, plastic cover, dirt build-up or any part of the vehicle's bodywork.

Motorcycles, trailers and special purpose vehicles only need one number plate displayed at the rear.

At night, the number plate on the rear of the vehicle must be lit with a white light so it can be read from 20 metres away.

Penalties apply for not complying with number plate laws, for example obscuring a number plate or driving with false plates.

Ordering replacement plates

If your number plate has been lost or damaged, you can apply for a replacement plate online.

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Once the plate has been ordered, you can continue to drive your vehicle provided you keep the receipt with you when driving.

If the number plates have been reported stolen or missing to the police, it is recommended you change the plate number.

Complete an application form (128.1 KB PDF) and present to a Service SA Customer Service Centre. A new number plate fee applies, it may cost less if you provide a police report number.

Bike rack plates

If you have a bicycle rack attached to the back of your car, you may need a bike rack number plate.

You can order a bike rack plate online via the EzyPlates website.

A bicycle rack attached to a motor vehicle, and any bicycle on the rack, must not cover the rear number plate of the vehicle. When attaching a bicycle rack to the rear of a vehicle, you can either:

  • display a bicycle rack number plate on the rack
  • take the rear number plate off the motor vehicle and attach it to the bicycle rack

You must not display a standard number plate on both the rear of the vehicle and on a bicycle rack, or use home-made number plates.

Bicycle rack number plates have the same registration number as your motor vehicle and can't be used on any other vehicle.

When you are carrying bicycles on your rack, if the brake lights on the vehicle are not visible from 200 metres away under normal weather conditions, you must attach an additional brake light to the rack that is visible from 200 metres.

Special plates

Special plates are available for people who want something more than a standard number plate.

Special plates available include:

  • custom
  • personalised
  • euro
  • premium
  • R&S series
  • numeric
  • corporate

For more information, including fees and to order a plate online, visit the EzyPlates website.

Renew a number plate agreement

You can renew a custom or euro plate agreement online.

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Surrendering a number plate

Number plates can be surrendered at any Service SA customer service centre. You will need to complete MR300 Surrender of number plates (80.6 KB PDF) form.

Contact Service SA


Only send general enquiries online. Service SA will respond within three working days.

If the matter is urgent or is specifically about your current licence or registration, please phone or visit a customer service centre instead.

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Call Service SA Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays on:

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Service SA Customer Service Centre locations and opening hours.

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