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Vehicle inspection fees

These fees also apply to vehicles used as part of a road train or B-double, part of a combination that including its load is over 19 metres long, or has a total mass over 42.5 tonnes.

Booking fee

A booking fee of $26 applies to all inspections, except federal interstate truck inspections. Tier 2 inspections are exempt.

Inspection fees

These fees are effective from 1 July 2019.

Payment of the inspection and booking fees are required when making an appointment.

Type of inspection First inspection Subsequent inspections
Restricted access vehicles 
Prime mover / truck $343.00 $86.00
Semi trailer $173.00 $86.00
Converter dolly $86.00 $86.00
Defected heavy vehicles 
Prime mover / truck $257.00 $86.00
Semi trailer $173.00 $86.00
Converter dolly $173.00 $86.00
Heavy vehicle roadworthy (GVM over 4.5 tonnes) $257.00 $86.00
Buses, tow trucks, tour vehicles and taxis 
Bus $257.00 $86.00
Tow trucks $257.00 $86.00
Tour vehicle car - country only $173.00 $86.00
Taxi - country only $173.00 $86.00
Seating inspection - heavy vehicle $257.00 $86.00
Seating inspection $173.00 $86.00
Light vehicles 
Defected car, car trailer or motor bike $173.00 $86.00
Hot rod, one-off construction, left hand drive $257.00 $86.00
LPG inspections $257.00 $86.00
Restricted access vehicles 
Interstate transfer (roadworthy inspection) $173.00 $86.00
Repairable write-offs 
Tier 3 inspection $313.00 $64.00
Roadworthy inspection $257.00 $86.00
Interstate transfer ID check - light vehicles 
Tier 2 inspection (fee payable at point of registration) $63.00  
Modified vehicles 
Roadworthy inspection $257.00 $86.00
Missing compliance plate $257.00 $86.00

Heavy vehicle inspection scheme fees

Inspection fees for heavy vehicle inspection at transfer of registration due to change of ownership are set by the individual inspection stations. However, they cannot exceed the regulated fee of $278 set by the state government.

Fees are listed on the authorised private inspection station websites for comparison.

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