Accident towing rosters

Tow trucks are dispatched to road crashes in greater metropolitan Adelaide (declared area) through the accident towing roster scheme. About 12,000 vehicles are towed from crashes in the declared area each year.

To drive a tow truck in greater metropolitan Adelaide you must hold a tow truck certificate.

How the roster works

The declared area is divided into 15 light vehicle zones. When a member of the public calls the operator on 8116 9209 the operator requests the next available tow truck on the roster in that zone to attend the scene of the accident. Accident scenes can only be attended by tow trucks that have been directed to attend by the operator. No other tow trucks are permitted to attend the accident scene.

How to register with the accident towing roster scheme

Tow truck operators can only be included on the roster where the Registrar of Motor Vehicles determines there is a need. Should this occur industry will be advised via a public notice process. Should more than one operator show interest the position will be assigned by a ballot process. Further advice can be provided about the process by calling the Accident Towing Authority on 7133 3295.

Where the scheme operates

Greater metropolitan Adelaide is divided into 15 general zones (for passenger and other vehicles weighing up to 2,500 kgs) and one heavy vehicle zone (vehicles weighing more than 2,500 kgs). Each zone is allocated registered operators.

The boundaries of the area are:

  • north - near the Gawler Bypass and Main North Road overpass
  • south west - Cactus Canyon and the coast
  • south - Pages Flat Road, Yankalilla
  • east - the Onkaparinga River, Mount Bold and Kangaroo Creek reservoirs.

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