Regulator assessment is a practical test designed to determine if you meet the minimum standard of vehicle operation and driver training expected of a motor driving instructor (MDI).

In South Australia there are no gearbox restrictions or conditions describing vehicle classes on an MDI licence. Therefore, all applicants to become an MDI must successfully pass a regulator assessment in a vehicle with a manual transmission before a licence can be issued.

You must pass a DIT regulator assessment in the relevant class of vehicle, fitted with a manual transmission. The regulator assessment is broken into three parts including:

  • Driving to novice driver standard
  • Completing a commentary drive in which you identify and communicate road hazards and their context while driving; and
  • Training “tasks” from the relevant "trainee or learner guide”.

More details on what you will need to do in a regulator assessment are provided below:

Details of novice driver standard and tasks for the regulator assessment can be located at:

To book a regulator assessment email the Accreditation and Bookings team via

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