Special purpose vehicles

Transitioned notices covering the operation of heavy vehicle access have been replaced and National and State notices made under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) have been updated. A list of expiring notices and their replacement is available on the NHVR's Notice and permit-based schemes website.

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a vehicle built for a purpose other than carrying goods, such as a mobile crane, concrete pump, drill rig, etc. An SPV exceeds one or more of the general mass and dimension limits set out in the Heavy Vehicle Mass, Dimension and Loading National Regulation, and is a Class 1 heavy vehicle.

The National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice authorises the use of Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicles up to 40 tonnes on published networks in participating jurisdictions. Examples of vehicles operating under this notice include mobile cranes (e.g. two-axle pick and carry cranes, two- and three-axle all terrain mobile cranes, three- and four-axle truck cranes) and mobile concrete pumps.

In South Australia, SPVs that meet the relevant mass and dimension requirements set out in the Notice and the South Australian schedule will operate on one of two networks on the South Australian RAVnet Map System:

  • Three-axle Crane Network, for three-axle all terrain mobile cranes.
  • 40.0 t Special Purpose Vehicle Network, for all other SPVs operating under the National SPV notice.

Note: operators of SPVs that are not eligible to operate under the National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice will need to apply to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for a permit.

Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes that are not covered by the National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice operate under an access permit and travel on one of the following networks as shown on RAVnet Map System:

  • Four-axle crane network
  • Five-axle crane network (up to 3.1m wide)
    • 24/7 travel on the ‘5 Axle Crane Network – Level One’
    • Requires one permit that references ‘5 Axle Crane Network – Level One’
  • Five-axle crane network (between 3.1m and 3.20m wide)
    • 24/7 travel on the ‘5 Axle Crane Network – Level Two’ and daytime travel on the ‘5 Axle Crane Network – Level One’
    • Requires one permit that references the ‘5 Axle Crane Network– Level Two’ network (for 24/7 travel) and one permit that references ‘5 Axle Crane Network- Level One’ network (for daytime travel)
  • Six-axle crane network - day travel


Expiring Notice Updated Notice

Operation of Motor Graders towing 2 trailers up to a maximum length of 26 metres in road construction and or road maintenance


Operation of Motor Graders towing multiple trailers up to maximum length of 42 metres for construction and/or maintenance of roads in remote areas


Exemption for road maintenance and construction equipment to exceed mass and dimension limits

South Australia Class 1 Road Grader and Trailer Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)


A pre-approval is an agreement in place between the NHVR and a road manager to issue permits without individual written consent for each application. For more information please refer to the NHVR website.

The following updates to the South Australian SPV pre-approvals is shown in the table below:

Multi Class 1 - All Terrain Cranes (4,5 & 6 axle up to 12t)

Cranes towing trailers
Length limit for 5 axle cranes has now been increased to 16.5m

Under construction

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