Approved areas or routes

Vehicles operating under a mass or dimension exemption (notice or permit) in South Australia must travel within stated areas and on stated routes.

Heavy vehicle route networks (RAVnet)

Prior to any journey, drivers must determine the approved route using the RAVnet online map system.

RAVnet is an interactive map system that displays approved heavy vehicle route networks in South Australia. Restrictions associated with specific route networks are also included.

RAVnet frequently asked questions - Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Approved area maps

Approved area maps that are referenced in mass or dimension exemptions are:

Restricted areas within SA

Route and structure restrictions previously listed in notices and Codes of Practice are now published in the:

Height Clearance Map - State Roads

DIT has also developed a map that displays height restrictions on all state-maintained roads.

Clearances beneath bridges, gantries and overhead walkways, as well as through the Heysen Tunnels, are shown as colour-coded dots and in most cases the height in metres is displayed on the marker.  Further information can be obtained by clicking on the dots in the map.

Access the Height Clearance Map.

Information Bulletins for specific vehicle uses and activities

Areas or routes for specific heavy vehicle operation are outlined in a series of Information Bulletins, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Preferred routes

When operating an oversize vehicle, the maps below depict the preferred routes for travel. If your operating requirements cannot be met by a gazette notice, you will need to apply for a permit.

Temporary road closures, detours and roadworks

Refer to daily roadworks, hazards and news for additional information.

For a map of the planned road improvement and rehabilitation works undertaken across the State sealed road network, see State-wide road improvement and renewal works.

Alternatively, contact DIT on 1300 794 880 or

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