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Try out the new Cycle Instead Journey Planner for Adelaide on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Based on the Bikedirect network, this interactive tool helps you plan your cycling trip using a variety of options that consider fitness, confidence level, road conditions and speed of travel.

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Cycling and walking maps

Hard copy cycling and walking maps are available to assist you to make active travel choices in metropolitan Adelaide.

Bikedirect cycling maps

Bikedirect is a network of bicycle routes across the Adelaide metropolitan area that was developed to encourage cycling. The Bikedirect maps provide options for people with different needs and abilities and show main roads, bicycle lanes, local streets and off-road paths.

These maps have not been updated since July 2011 and are not available in hard copy. The most up-to-date Bikedirect network information is always accessible on the Cycle Instead Journey Planner or download by map number:

  1. Bike map one (1.7 MB PDF)
  2. Bike map two (1.3 MB PDF)
  3. Bike map three (2.5 MB PDF)
  4. Bike map four (2.4 MB PDF)
  5. Bike map five (1.8 MB PDF)
  6. Bike map six (2.7 MB PDF)
  7. Bike map seven (2.8 MB PDF)
  8. Bike map eight (2.3 MB PDF)
  9. Bike map nine (2.9 MB PDF)
  10. Bike map 10 (2.5 MB PDF)
  11. Bike map 11 (2.6 MB PDF)
  12. Bike map 12 (1.8 MB PDF)
  13. Bike map 13 (1.3 MB PDF)
  14. Adelaide CBD bike map (2.9 MB PDF)

People using the Bikedirect maps do so at their own risk. The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure will not accept any responsibility for any personal injury or damage to property arising from using these maps. Every care has been taken in the preparation of these maps, however no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions.

This web-based series has been designed so users can print each map on a standard A3 or A4 printer, or save on paper and zoom in on your screen. Better aerial photography has improved the portrayal of the Bikedirect network, in particular off-road path locations.

The BikeDirect cycling network in South Australia designates routes based on road or path type. The image explains how each type of route is represented visually. Local routes are marked blue, they are not part of the BikeDirect network, but cyclists may find ideal conditions on these roads, arterial routes are orange, they carry heavy volumes of traffic ay most times with many having major intersections. Many are signed with an alphanumeric route numbering system which is shown on BikeDirect maps and off road paths are green and white striped they are both sealed and unsealed surfaces and are shared with pedestrians so special care must be taken..

To view and print these maps, your computer will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - download free from

Some versions of Acrobat Reader will permit some layers of the maps to be turned off, so you can remove information that you don't need. For example - try turning off the seabuff and image layers, if you wanted to print the network maps and save on ink.


We welcome your feedback on what you like about the maps or how they could be improved. Please email us your comments.

Hazard reporting

Please report any damage or hazard on the road network.

If the hazard is on a Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure road, phone the Traffic Control Centre on 1800 018 313 (freecall 24-hours).

Road hazards on local roads or paths should be directed to the relevant local council.

Cycling trails

Information about the excellent network of cycling trails in South Australia can be found on the South Australian Trails website. These trails are perfect for all levels of rider.

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