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To apply for assistance, use the online application form. Processing delays will apply to applications received by post.

Due to COVID-19, there are limits on how many people can attend funerals - COVID-19 website. Social distancing and hygiene requirements also apply.

Funeral AssistanceSA helps people who have experienced the death of a South Australian family member or friend to cover the costs of a funeral.

The funeral provided is normally a cremation service, except in certain cultural and religious circumstances.

Complete the online Funeral AssistanceSA application form to apply for assistance.

Other ways to apply

Who should apply

The income, assets and liabilities of the deceased and their immediate relatives - spouse, parents, and adult children - are taken into account when assessing eligibility for assistance.

To be eligible, you must prove that the deceased:

  • lived in South Australia
  • received a pension or benefit, or had a low income
  • has an estate and death benefits estimated at less than $3,000 when liquidated – including their house, personal property and shares
  • has immediate relatives who:
    • receive a pension or benefit, or have a low income
    • do not have enough money to cover funeral expenses - less than $3,000 of accessible funds.

You must have exhausted all other options to raise funds or obtain credit.

The funeral must not have been already arranged or, where a grant is sought after the event, the account must be moderate and not yet fully paid.

What you'll need

You'll need:

  • current bank statements from the deceased and all immediate relatives. If you do not have access to a bank statement for the deceased, you must provide their banking details.
  • a copy of the deceased’s will, if there is one
  • if the family is estranged, a statutory declaration to explain the circumstances.

What is covered

Funeral AssistanceSA offers two types of assistance.

Full contract funeral

If you have not already contracted a private funeral director, you may be eligible for a basic, dignified funeral, which includes:

  • a weekday cremation service at a church or chapel approved by Funeral AssistanceSA
  • a weekday burial (where culturally or religiously required)
  • funeral director's fee
  • crematorium fees
  • cemetery fees
  • a basic coffin
  • hearse
  • religious minister or celebrant's fee
  • fees and charges for all legally required permits - not death certificate.

The deceased’s family or friends may pay for additional extras - eg flowers or a memorial book.

After the event

If you have already contracted a private funeral director and there is an existing debt, you may be eligible for a grant of up to $625 if the funeral cost is moderate. The grant is paid directly to the funeral director.

If the funeral account has been paid in full, no assistance can be provided.

Other coverage for expenses

Funeral costs could already be covered another way, depending on the circumstances of the death.

If the deceased:

  • died in a motor vehicle accident, funeral expenses may be covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
    Visit the CTP Insurance Regulator website or phone 1300 303 558 for more information.
  • was a victim of crime you can claim for funeral costs and a grief payment from the Commissioner for Victims' Rights.
    Visit the Commissioner for Victims' Rights website or phone 8204 9635 for more information.
  • has superannuation or a life insurance policy, the beneficiary may be required to repay the costs of the funeral.


Funeral Assistance SA

Email -
Phone - 1300 762 577

Interpreting and translating

To arrange an on-site or telephone interpreter, or to have a document translated, call the Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC) on 1800 280 203.

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