Interstate direct sales licence

This licence allows an interstate retailer to sell liquor for delivery into South Australia by direct sales transactions, for example online sales or by mail order.

When applying you'll need to meet certain requirements and provide a range of documents.

What you'll need

Application fees $99.00

Annual renewal fee $132.00

What you'll need


You must hold an interstate liquor licence in your home jurisdiction which authorises the sale of liquor either online or by mail order to be eligible to apply for an interstate direct sales licence in South Australia.

You are not eligible for an interstate direct sales licence if you have a liquor licence (other than a short-term licence) in South Australia.


As part of the application process you’ll need to upload the following:

  • a copy of your interstate liquor licence which authorises the sale or supply of liquor by direct sales transactions
  • an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) extract if you’re applying as a company
  • a copy of the relevant trust deed if you're applying as a trustee of a trust.

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