Second-hand vehicle dealer licence

Second-hand vehicle dealers must have a licence if they buy, sell or offer for sale four or more vehicles in 12 months. Unlicensed dealers can be prosecuted and penalties include fines and imprisonment.

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How to apply - new licence, upgrade or change of conditions

Use this form to apply for a new licence, or to upgrade or change the conditions on your current licence.


1. Complete the form

Fill in the application.

Apply now

2. Print and sign

Print and sign the completed form.

3. Scan and upload

Scan and upload the signed form along with your supporting evidence.

4. Payment

You can pay by credit card using the CBS secure service. Check your application form for the licence fee.


1. Complete the form

Fill in the application.

Apply now

2. Payment

Make a cheque or money order payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs.

3. Lodgement

Post your application, supporting evidence and payment to:

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001


If you're not able to apply online, in person or by post, call 131 882 and discuss your options with our staff.

Who should apply

  • sole traders
  • companies - the company and the manager must have separate licences
  • partnerships - each partner must have a separate licence
  • motor wreckers and crash repairers - even if they are only selling vehicles that can't be driven because they need repairs

Offences and convictions

You may not be able to register if you (or a director of the company) has been convicted of an indictable offence of dishonesty, or convicted of a summary offence of dishonesty within the past 10 years.

When you don't need a licence

You don’t need licence if:

  • you are a recognised credit provider and selling second-hand vehicles is a result of the business
  • you are an auctioneer selling on behalf of people who do not need a licence.
  • you only sell vehicles that:
    • weigh more than 3,000 kg
    • are designed for agricultural or industrial use
    • can’t be used to transport on land - eg boats
    • are not powered by an engine - eg caravans.

What you'll need

Companies must nominate a manager who holds a second-hand dealers licence in their own name. This manager doesn't need to register an address or pay compensation fund fees.

Police clearance

Include with your application a copy of your National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old.

Apply for an NPC through:

You do not need a NPC if you:

  • are director of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • have lodged a NPC with CBS within the last year
  • are an overseas resident and have never lived in Australia
  • have held a licence within the last year and are applying for an equivalent licence
  • have already supplied a NPC for a different licence issued under this Act.

Checks that confirm you can work with particular people - eg children - but don't include a criminal history are not sufficient.


Fees include application and annual fee amounts. Dealers trading from more than one premises only need to pay one compensation fund fee each year.

Company - motor vehicle and motor cycle
+  compensation fund



Individual - motor vehicle and motor cycle
+  compensation fund



Company - motorcycle only
+  compensation fund



Individual - motorcycle only
+  compensation fund



If you are applying to act as a manager for a licensed dealer only, you are not required to pay the compensation fund fee (as a manager only, you will not be permitted to trade in your own name).

Digital licences

You can download your licence or registration to an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet using the mySA GOV app.

Hard copy licences will still be issued and it's a good idea to carry these with you until digital licences become widely accepted. For more information visit

What happens next

Licensed dealers can only run a business at the address registered for their licence.

CBS will email your licence number/s.

You can print a certificate by searching using your licence number, select 'licence certificate' at the bottom, enter your client number and 'generate PDF'.

Changes affecting your licence

Renew your licence

You will need to renew your licence every 12 months.

Notify CBS when you change the address where you sell vehicles or if you want to add another address to the licence.

Renewal fees

Fees include application and annual amounts.

Company - motor vehicle and motorcycle
+ compensation fund


Individual licence - motor vehicle and motorcycle
+ compensation fund


Company - motorcycle only
+  compensation fund


Individual licence - motorcycle only
+  compensation fund


How to renew


Make sure you have your licence number and customer number ready to renew online. You can pay by credit card using our secure service.

Renew my licence


Make cheque or money orders payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and attach to the front page of your renewal.

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001


You'll need your licence and customer identification number to pay by credit card.

Phone 1300 668 531

What happens next

If you don't renew your licence it will be cancelled and you'll have to reapply for a new one.

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Phone131 882 and press 4

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