Supplier of lottery products licence

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In South Australia, you need a supplier of lottery products licence to supply:

  • instant lottery tickets
  • bingo sheets (game cards)
  • vending machines that dispense instant lottery tickets.

Lottery tickets and bingo game cards can only be supplied to lottery licence holders.

Any business can apply for a supplier of lottery products licence.

Each series of instant lottery tickets must have a unique serial number.The nature and value of each prize to be won, as well as any restrictions on entry, must be displayed on a sign at or near the place where the tickets are being sold, unless that information appears on the tickets.

Instant lottery tickets must be manufactured, packaged and stored so that numbers, letters or symbols can’t be seen before a ticket is bought.

Each ticket must be of equal value and have an equal chance of winning.

Bingo game cards

Bingo cards must be purchased from a licensed supplier of lottery products, and each game card must have at least 15 different numbers and a serial number. All bingo cards must:
  • be the same price
  • give an equal chance of winning
  • be accurately recorded
  • be kept in a secure place.


Grant of Suppliers Licence


Renewal of Suppliers Licence


Change of circumstances

Licensees must notify CBS in writing of a change of address, email address, or telephone number connected to the licence within 14 days.


Anyone who acts dishonestly in connection with the lottery is guilty of an offence. The maximum penalty is $50,000 or two years imprisonment.

Contact CBS Lotteries

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131 882 (option 6)

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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